A LOB Career Campaign: Dometrik Grimm

(Excerpts from Delphi Tabletop Sports Forum, 2007)

I’m in the mood for another career boxing campaign. Last year it was middleweight Jack Haney in the late 1940s to early 50s. Haney broke into the world rankings with a 2nd round TKO of veteran Charlie Fusari and he fought to a draw with Laurent Dauthuille, but then lost the rematch. I’ve been thinking back on how much fun I had with Haney’s fights. So now here I go again.

I decided to roll up three prospects and pick the best of the bunch. After the first two, I was not thrilled with the possibilities. They were both average, each with a major weakness in CHN, CUT, or WIL… Both had poor DEF… One of them had CON 5/8, which was interesting. Not too many fighters have such a strong boost against Tactical opponents. Anyway…. The third time was a charm! Here he is:

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm

  • Heavyweight Prospect
  • 6’4”, 229-238 lbs
  • Oakland, CA
  • CON 9/9
  • DEF 2
  • POW 7
  • DUR 7
  • CHN 7
  • CUT 5
  • WIL 7
  • FIN 0
  • FOU C
  • END 21
  • Punch A/B: CM/C
  • ELU: -
  • OUT: 1-9
  • IN: 10-14
  • PRS: 15-20

Dometrik had a successful amateur career. He was forced to withdraw from U.S. Olympic trials due sponsorship and financial problems. Grimm decided to go ahead and turn pro at the age of 19. He should stack up nicely against the today’s top heavyweights, if all goes according to blueprint. And he should steamroll through regional competition. Should be fun!

Dometrik Grimm (Pro debut) vs Russ Carter (3-1, 3 KO)

Oakland, CA Carter is right out of a local tough man competition. He’s crude and has a weak chin, but he carries some power and has guts.

R1: Grimm found an immediate opening and popped Carter with a combination. Carter was floored, but shook it off. Grimm pounded away with combinations, but Carter held up. Carter landed a surprising counterpunch that slowed Grimm down. R2: Grimm paced himself and Carter matched him evenly through the first 2 minutes. Carter’s left caused some minor swelling near Grimm’s right eye. At the 2:40 mark Grimm blasted him to the canvas with another combo. This time Carter was slow to get up. Grimm staggered him again with a cross before the bell. R3: With nothing to lose, Carter came out strong. He landed a clean hook that stunned big Dometrik! Carter followed up with a good combination too. Grimm shrugged it off and fought patiently. R4: Dometrik decided give him some pressure in return. He wanted the knockout. Carter traded early, but suffered a cut under the left eye. Grimm continued to bear down on him with combinations. The ref was on the verge of stopping it when “Doomsday” landed a big uppercut that flattened Carter for the last time! KO, 2:13

A solid debut… Carter was a pretty decent challenge, so I’m glad he got the knockout.

Dometrik Grimm (1-0, 1 KO) vs Marcus Horvath (2-5, 1 KO)

San Jose, CA

Horvath doesn’t stand a chance. He is slow, cut prone, and has poor defense. Dometrik seemed less focused in training, but I think he’ll be all right.

R1: Like the first fight, Grimm tested his opponent with a savage combination. Horvath crumbled and did not get up! KO, 0:21

Wow… Well, that’s how you pad your record.

Dometrik Grimm (2-0, 2 KO) vs Freddie Bolen (6-2, 2 KO)

Oakland, CA

Bolen’s got a sneaky left hook, but he’s poorly conditioned and average in most other aspects.

R1: Bolen displayed his hook early and was willing to trade with the bigger man. Dometrik surged with hooks and an uppercut in the final minute to gain the edge. (6-3) R2: Bolen’s hooks consistently got through and again he stood his ground and traded with Grimm. This was valuable experience for my fighter. Grimm was warned for a flagrant foul and seemed a bit frustrated. (6-8) R3: Grimm absorbed another solid hook, but this time he answered with a crushing cross! Bolen reeled into the corner, but caught Grimm with a counter shot. Grimm kept trying to score with the cross again and again. Finally he clubbed Bolen to the floor with a big hook. Bolen got up, but fell to a combination! Done! KO, 2:35

That was an interesting little fight… Bolen showed my boy some new stuff.

Dometrik Grimm (3-0, 3 KO) vs Bob Mundy (9-5-1, 5 KO)

Stockton, CA

Mundy is a defense-oriented fighter with far more experience than previous opponents. Mundy lacks aggression, but is tactically well rounded. He has an average chin, but has not been knocked-out yet. Grimm had his best training camp to date and should be up to the task.

R1: Mundy mixed it up pretty well in the first round, including a slick counter-cross. Dometrik scored two hard uppercuts to gain the edge. R2: They traded glancing shots early. Then at the 1:20 mark, Mundy’s right cross crashed through, causing a cut under Grimm’s right eye. Didn’t look too bad… Grimm pounded him with another heavy uppercut, but Mundy caught him flush with a looping hook! Grimm stammered backwards! Mundy, not known as a strong finisher, pinned Grimm on the ropes with a flurry! Uh oh!! Grimm was in desperate trouble! Another combination from Mundy sent Grimm crashing to the canvas! Come on, Grimm!!! 7… 8… Shake it off!! 9… 10….

I nearly felt as dazed as Grimm did… This was a shocking defeat. Mundy’s finishing segments were awesome (he rolled a 19 and a 20!).

It will be interesting to see if Grimm learned something from this, or if this has damaged his psyche.

Dometrik Grimm (3-1, 3 KO) vs Darnell Jackson (2-2, 0 KO)

Oakland, CA

Jackson is mentally tough and physically durable, but not very talented. Should be a good rebound match.

R1: Grimm walked him down through the entire round. Combinations upstairs paved the way for a pair of hard body shots later. Perhaps Dometrik’s best round thus far! R2: He allowed Jackson to get comfortable in close and Jackson clubbed him with a couple of solid hooks. Dometrik seemed a bit careless here and Jackson gained confidence. R3: Grimm shifted gears and threw a lot more punches. Good. Jackson hit him with a nice combination, but Grimm replied with a thunderous group of punches that floored Jackson! Woohoo! That’s what I like to see! When Jackson got up, Grimm did not make a big effort to finish this guy though. R4: Grimm played it safe and tagged Jackson at regular intervals, as Jackson tried to go for the KO.

Overall, this was an excellent fight for my boxer. He earned the unanimous decision, 4-1 on all cards.

Dometrik Grimm (4-1, 3 KO) vs Oran Horsely (8-1, 5 KO)

San Francisco, CA

Horsely is a brawling California cowboy who is fighting for a #1 contender status for the California Athletic Commission Heavyweight Title. He’s pretty tough and carries a good power, but he cuts easily. This match is risky, but since we couldn’t get the rematch with Bob Mundy, then we felt it was time to make a statement.

R1: Horsely was aggressive as expected, but he still caught Grimm with a clean hook! Grimm rocked unsteadily, but returned fire and they exchanged heavy shots in the first minute! Wow! Horsely continued to press the action with combinations, but in the final 40 seconds, Grimm turned the table and connected easily! Close round….Dangerous action… R2: Grimm kept him at bay, fighting from the outside and the pace slowed dramatically. Finally, near the 2-minute mark, Horsely blasted Grimm to the canvas with another big hook! Then it was mayhem… Grimm popped up quickly. Horsely went all out to close the show with a stunning combination and straight punch! Grimm battled back in the closings seconds with a good countershot and survived the onslaught. R3: Grimm ate an uppercut, but his jab opened a major cut over Horsely’s left eye. It had an effect. Horsely missed wildly and Grimm scored a crushing counter-straight!! YES!!! Horsely went down, but managed to beat the count! Grimm teed off with a good finishing effort, but the bell interrupted. R4: Grimm dominated the final round, setting up his shots with an effective jab. Good stuff. Horsely stalked, but couldn’t get his punches off.

Scores: 3-3, 4-2, 4-2… A majority decision for Dometrik Grimm! Obviously a very close fight, this could easily have been a draw.

Dometrik Grimm (5-1, 3 KO) vs Larry Keller (11-7, 7 KO)

Oakland, CA

Keller is a regional veteran who may already be slipping a notch. He’s a bleeder and has been known to fade after only a few rounds.

R1: They clinched and wrestled early… Grimm’s jab quickly opened a cut over Keller’s right eye, then Grimm pounded him with hooks and combinations. A thorough whipping… R2: Grimm was patient as they traded grazing shots, but late in the round, he let loose an accurate combination to end it quickly! KO, 2:25

After two decisions, it was good to get another knockout.

Dometrik Grimm (6-1, 4 KO) vs Cliff Churchwell (5-3, 2 KO)

Los Angeles, CA

Churchwell is a hard worker and is versatile, but he is not physically gifted and is too easy to hit.

R1: Grimm floored him twice in the first minute of the fight! Churchwell showed surprising heart to survive this round. Grimm drilled him with uppercuts down the stretch. R2: Grimm continued to hold the edge with uppercuts, but Churchwell handled himself pretty well in this round. R3: Grimm gained the early advantage in this round, but Churchwell surged in the final minute and forced several exchanges. Close round… R4: Churchwell kept pressing, trying to get a shot at a draw, I guess. But “Doomsday” dropped him like a stone with a three-punch combination! Whoom!! KO, 1:52

Dometrik Grimm (7-1, 5 KO) vs Herman Machala (7-2, 5 KO)

Stockton, CA

Like Grimm, Machala is a highly regarded regional prospect with great power. Machala’s fearless aggression can be his undoing. Both of his losses were by knockout. This fight could just be a matter of who lands the big punch first.

R1: They clashed heads immediately causing a nick over Grimm’s left eye. Grimm let ‘er rip with two combinations, then a hard cross that backed Machala up. This one-sided surge culminated with a huge combo that put Machala down! Machala got up and traded hard blows, before Grimm hammered him again with another combination for the knockout! KO, 2:18

Wow... Don't let this fool you, Machala was a serious threat. Luckily he didn't land a solid blow.

Dometrik Grimm (8-1, 6 KO) vs Mike Gaither (3-6-1, 1 KO)

Oakland, CA

Let’s face it; Gaither is just a tune-up before Grimm’s first title fight. He isn’t particularly good at anything.

R1: He got to Grimm with a couple of good crosses, but then Grimm hurt him with thunderous hook to the body. Gaither buckled and Grimm put him away with clean cross to the head! KO, 1:06

Quick and easy… Bring on the State Heavyweight Champ!

Dometrik Grimm (9-1, 7 KO) vs Kevin Newberry (22-10-1, 13 KO)

California Athletic Commission Heavyweight Title 6 Rounds San Diego, CA

Newberry has possession of the state title for the second time. He is an experienced, aggressive fighter with average power. Newberry’s offense is his best defense. His chin is a weakness that Grimm should be able to exploit.

R1: Newberry landed the first punch, a hook, but Grimm replied with glancing rights. In the final 40 seconds, a confident Grimm stunned him with a combination. Newberry was in retreat and Grimm found him again with another solid combo! Newberry seemed dazed at the bell. (10-1, Grimm) R2: Again Grimm used his straight right from the outside, causing a nick under Newberry’s right eye. Newberry maintained his distance and worked his jab effectively. One jab opened a gash over Grimm’s right eye! Oh no! This was an ugly cut. The momentum shifted to Newberry, who followed up with a solid cross. (6-2, Newberry) R3: A cautious round… Newberry seemed to respect Grimm’s power, while Grimm tried to protect that cut. (3-2, Newberry) R4: Newberry looked sharp early, landing a nice counter-straight. Then Grimm replied with a crackling straight punch! Pow! Newberry was down! Newberry regained his feet and tied Grimm up. Grimm patiently stalked and scored several more glancing blows. R5: 40 seconds in, Grimm dodged and knocked Newberry down with a crushing counter-straight punch! Again Newberry got up; this guy was tougher than advertised. Grimm stunned him with another straight punch. A right caused a cut over Newberry’s left eye. Then Doomsday lowered the hammer. A combination put Newberry down again. He was up at the count of 8, but the referee had seen enough! TKO, 2:10.

Grimm has gained his first pro title! Hopefully, it won’t be his last. This was an excellent fight. Although Newberry never hurt Grimm, the deep cut was a concern. We are fortunate that it didn’t get worse.

Now we move into the national spotlight.

Dometrik Grimm (10-1, 8 KO) vs Sam Hess (9-11, 5 KO)

Hess is rather small for a heavyweight, but nonetheless he likes to mix it up. He is a good finisher if he gets his opponent in trouble.

R1: Hess landed a solid hook and Grimm replied with stiff clean jab. Hess tried to work his way in with a jab, but Grimm knocked him to canvas with big combination! Hess popped back up and Grimm was all over him, driving his dazed opponent into the corner with a flurry. Hess tried to cover up, but some of Grimm’s powerful shots were getting through. Hess slid to the floor and although he was able to stand, the referee stopped the bout. This was Grimm’s best finishing effort. He took care of business, as he should have against this guy.

Dometrik Grimm (11-1, 9 KO) vs Calvin Jackson (13-5, 5 KO)

Temecula, CA FOX Sports

Grimm’s first TV appearance has him matched against another well-regarded national prospect. Defensive-minded Jackson can be a troublesome opponent, but is not quite the crowd-pleaser that Grimm is...

R1: They pawed at each other for the first minute, and then Jackson suddenly erupted with a crisp combination! Grimm was dazed, but Jackson didn’t go for the KO. Grimm collected his senses and fought effectively in the final minute. Grimm’s nose was bleeding. R2: Grimm came on aggressively and landed nice uppercut on the inside. Jackson created some distance and drilled Grimm with a beautiful straight right! Dometrik fell to his knees! He got up and Jackson brought the artillery. Two strong flurries from Jackson had my fighter in deep trouble, but Grimm held up. R3: Big Dometrik used his reach and jab to hold Jackson off. Grimm’s cross caused significant swelling near Jackson’s left eye. A nice rebound from the knockdown… R4: A slow, close round resulted from Jackson’s elusive style. Grimm didn’t press the action much. Neither fighter landed any telling blows. R5: Near the middle of this round, they had a terrific exchange of counter shots. Grimm landed a heavy straight right causing more swelling to Jackson’s left eye. Jackson answered with a solid jab. R6: Jackson kept his distance and mainly just tried to avoid the pressuring Grimm. Grimm caught him with a hard hook and another punishing straight punch and finished strong.

Personally, I felt that Grimm had lost this fight. I didn’t think he made up for the knockdown. The scorecards said: 5-2 Jackson, 4-3 Grimm, and 4-4… A draw!

Jackson was disappointed, but remained a sportsman. He and Grimm were interviewed together after the match. They both readily agreed to a rematch soon and were very cordial.

Dometrik Grimm (11-1-1, 9 KO) vs Calvin Jackson (13-5-1, 5 KO)

Las Vegas, CA FOX Sports

Grimm’s first trip to Las Vegas and second televised event. This time he is on the undercard of a UPBC welterweight continental title fight, which is the equivalent of many of todays so-called world titles. So it is a pretty big deal. [The UPBC or Unified Professional Boxing Council is my fictional sole authority on world titles. I don’t play alphabet organizations]

R1: After a slow, clinching start, they had a good exchange at 1:20. Jackson followed with a jab and a straight punch. Grimm beared down on him and hammered him with a nasty uppercut to get the upper hand. R2: Grimm quickly landed a pair of glancing shots. A nick appeared under Jackson’s left eye, not a problem. Jackson outworked Grimm in the middle portion of the round and seemed to find his rhythm. In the final minute, Jackson’s defense was flawless and he even scored a counter-hook in the closing seconds. R3: Jackson opened with a clean counter-combo. Grimm answered with a combo but didn’t land solidly. Then Jackson on the outside pecked away from different angles. Grimm was getting frustrated. Grimm grazed him with another combination late in the round, causing swelling near Jackson’s left eye. R4: Jackson was quick to score another wicked combination! Grimm was stunned! But Jackson couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity. Grimm pounded Jackson with hard uppercut to the midsection and rallied with combinations to get even in the round. Good action… R5: This time Grimm delivered a good combination, stunning Jackson! They traded crosses, then “Doomsday” unloaded dynomite… A two-punch combo dropped Jackson at center ring! It was all over! KO 1:11

Woohoo! Jackson appeared to be ahead in the fight. It was great to see Dometrik pull this one out.

Dometrik Grimm (12-1-1, 10 KO) vs Jarius “Times Up” Tynsdale (8-8, 5 KO)

San Diego

Tynsdale is a crude, aggressive type with anger management issues. On occasion, he will overwhelm an opponent, but most of the time his reckless style catches up with him. Dometrik did not have a good training camp, so there is cause for concern.

R1: As expected, Tynsdale stormed out and started slugging. Unfortunately he connected with a big hook and stunned Grimm! Tynsdale followed up with a savage combination and a good uppercut! Midway through the round, Grimm finally started to battle back, but couldn’t land anything solid. Tynsdale nailed him with a good straight punch too. Grimm’s left eye was beginning to swell. R2: Grimm cranked it up. He greeted the foul-mouthed Tynsdale with a sizzling cross! Yes! Tynsdale threw a shot to the body. Grimm cracked him in the head with a clean hook, sending Tynsdale sprawling on his chest! Goodnight! KO, 0:44

Trainer’s Prerogative: A Career Campaign Option

After 15 fights, Grimm’s record is now 13-1-1 (3-0-1 at the national level). He is now age 22. Entering his third year as a pro, he has fought 45 rounds and has been knocked down three times and was KO’d for his only loss. Fortunately, the KO had no lingering effects.

As Grimm’s trainer, I will take the liberty of making one change. I will reduce his POW by 1 point and increase his CHN by 1. The logic is this: I have been preaching to him about protecting himself better and not trying so hard to knock guys out. After 15 fights, I think this is a good time to manifest the change. If you are conducting a LOB career, I think it is OK to make a minor 1-for-1 swap in this manner.

Here are some guidelines for adjusting career fighters:

You should only do this once and I believe it should occur after 15-20 fights, just before the fighter hits his prime.

Such changes could affect POW, DUR, CHN, WIL, or FIN. The other ratings, CON, DEF, and TKO should not be changed, since the modifiers are already built-in to the career charts. The CUT rating should never be improved either.

Dometrik Grimm (13-1-1, 11 KO) vs Bob Mundy (16-6-1, 9 KO)

California Athletic Commission Heavyweight Title Stockton, CA 6 Rounds

This is Grimm’s first defense of his state title. He leveraged the belt to finally get a rematch against Mundy and a chance to avenge his only loss. Mundy shocked Grimm with a 2nd round knockout in Grimm’s fourth fight. Mundy sounded confident in an interview, predicting that he could knock Grimm out again.

R1: They set a quick pace, with both fighters pressuring. There was a solid exchange at 1:20. Then Mundy landed a clean counter-punch. Grimm lost his composure slightly and was warned for fouling. In the final minute, it was all Mundy. He stunned Grimm with a sneaky cross. R2: Another great counter-right from Mundy started the action! Mundy tried to counter repeatedly in this round, but Grimm outworked him down the stretch with combinations. R3: Mundy went back to pressure tactics, which he is not known for, but he has been successful against Grimm for some strange reason. The action heated up and Grimm got the better of it. A combo had Mundy dazed momentarily, but Mundy was able to answer with a solid combo before the bell. R4: The fighters were more careful in this round, as they just traded jabs. Late in the round, Mundy scored a solid cross, the best punch of the round. Grimm’s right eye began to swell. R5: Grimm made good use of his reach advantage and tagged Mundy with several jabs. Mundy couldn’t seem to get going. Technically, it was an excellent round for Grimm. R6: They were both aggressive, trying to make a statement. Grimm was more active, but Mundy was able to partially block Grimm’s best punches and find spots to land solid shots of his own. It was close until the final seconds. Mundy scored another good counter-cross to gain the edge before the bell.

Man… What is it with this guy? Mundy has been a hard riddle for Grimm to solve.

Scores: 4-2 Grimm, 4-2 Mundy, 4-3… for the NEW California State Heavyweight Champion, Bob Mundy!!! A split decision loss for Grimm…

In post fight interviews, Mundy explained that Grimm’s style is just made to order for him, but he can see that Grimm has gotten better since their first fight. Grimm took the loss pretty well, saying, “Mundy is just a tricky guy to face, especially in a 6-rounder ya know. He deserved to win, but I think I’d wear him down in a longer fight.”

This loss, while disappointing, doesn’t really mean too much in the grand scheme. Let Mundy worry about defending that low-budget, regional belt. We’re moving on.

Dometrik Grimm (13-2-1, 11KO) vs Ray Thornhill (11-5-1, 5KO)

Tacoma, WA

Despite Thornhill’s solid-looking record, he hasn’t faced the same level of competition as Grimm as seen in California. Thornhill is an average pro fighter in most regards. He is easy to hit and has a reputation as a weak finisher.

R1: Thornhill pressured, while Grimm fought from the outside. They had a pair of even exchanges, before Grimm started nailing him on the way in. Late in the round, “Doomsday” flattened Thornhill with a clean combination! No chance! KO, 2:36

That was quite a statement after a loss. Grimm has been resilient thus far. But Thornhill stayed on the canvas for a long time. Grimm visited Thornhill’s corner afterward to check on his condition.

National Record (4-1-1)

Dometrik Grimm (14-2-1, 12 KO) vs Evan Ambert (21-8, 9 KO)

Las Vegas, NV

This is Grimm’s second trip to Vegas, this time on HBO’s Boxing After Dark series. An East Coast prospect by the name of Joe Mesi was the headliner. A reminder that we’ve got to start getting some Eastern exposure… The opponent, Ambert, is a solid veteran who has been in and out of the USBA national title picture. Unfortunately, Grimm was distracted by a break-up with his fiancé and had his worst training camp. R1: Grimm got off to a good start, using his jab effectively. He staggered Ambert with a straight punch at the 1-minute mark! Ambert answered with a solid straight punch and caused a nick under Grimm’s right eye. Grimm came right back with another straight right that buckled Ambert briefly! Wow! In the final 40 seconds, Ambert rallied with a hook and a jab! Electrifying action… R2: Ambert backed off, but he had difficulty reaching the bigger man. Grimm took advantage and was able to land hooks and crosses regularly. R3: Grimm’s momentum grew as he scored a solid combo, followed by a wicked hook that staggered Ambert again! Grimm did not capitalize on the opportunity. Ambert recovered and rallied hard in the final minute. He landed a series of crosses to Grimm’s head and made it a close round. R4: Grimm retrenched and totaled dictated the action in this round with alternating combinations and straight rights. Ambert couldn’t seem to do anything effectively. It looked like he was fading. R5: Surprisingly Ambert was revitalized and totally controlled the action in Round 5. Now Grimm looked sluggish… Just seconds before the bell, Grimm connected with a powerful straight punch that dazed Ambert. That was good to see. R6: Grimm manhandled him in the final frame. A stunning combination hurt Ambert, then a cross ripped an ugly gash over his left eye. After a quick look, they let the fight continue and Grimm cruised to the decision.

Unanimous Decision: 5-1 all for Grimm.

This is one of those wins that leaves you a little flat. Under better circumstances, I believe Grimm would have at least TKO’d this guy, but it was not to be. Ambert absorbed a lot of punishment and proved tougher than expected. We are half way through the national campaign and will begin to seek some 8 round bouts.

Dometrik Grimm (15-2-1, 12KO) vs Karl Woolfenden (12-16-1, 8KO)

Chicago, IL

Despite Woolfenden’s 260 lb frame, he has a weak chin, but because of his size, you have to respect his power.

R1: Woolfenden scored some good body shots in the opening round, before Grimm blasted him with an uppercut. Amazingly, Woolfenden got to his feet and held Grimm at bay. R2: The pace completely changed as both men fought from the outside. They lunged and clashed heads, causing only minor damage to Woolfenden, but there was a deep cut over Grimm’s right eye. This looked bad. The ref looked closely as the action continued. They exchanged grazing shots. Then Grimm came after him and pummeled him to the floor with an accurate combination! Woolfenden stayed down. KO, 2:29

Well the gash was an unfortunate setback to an otherwise great performance. We were hoping to arrange a fight in Philly or New York next. Instead, we’ll return to California and let him heal. [national 6-1-1]

Dometrik Grimm (16-2-1, 13KO) vs Gilberto Villagomez (9-6, 6KO)

San Diego

Three months after the fight in Chicago, Grimm is now 23 years old. This is his last “pre-prime” fight and his second fight scheduled for 8 rounds. Villagomez fights in the traditional toe-to-toe Mexican style, so this isn’t likely to go the distance.

R1: Villagomez landed a solid cross early, but Grimm took over and battered him relentlessly. Then Grimm leveled him with a combination at the bell! R2: Villagomez was much more careful in this round. Grimm surged with combinations late in the round. R3: Both fighters banged away to the body on the inside. Villagomez was dazed by a combination, but stood his ground at center ring. He rallied with uppercuts late and may have stolen the round. R4: Just seconds into the round, Grimm crushed him with a combination for the KO! 0:17

Dometrik Grimm (17-2-1, 14 KO) vs Roman Scorteanu (19-3-2, 12 KO)


Scorteanu recently immigrated to the U.S. and now fights out of Philly. Apparently he’s a pretty durable fighter with above average power. Should be a good test. This one could go 8 rounds.

R1: Nice start by Dometrik… He dominated the action and scored solid and often. R2: More of the same, as Scorteanu showed little concern for defense. Twice Grimm staggered him and Scorteanu was covering up to survive a one-sided onslaught at the bell. Wow! R3: Grimm still maintained the edge, but suddenly Scorteanu turned it around with a clean straight punch! Grimm took a knee, but popped up quickly. Scorteanu gave it everything he had trying to put Grimm away. Dometrik was reeling but kept his feet! A late combination by Grimm signaled that he wasn’t done yet. R4: Grimm landed a sneaky counter-jab, then he cracked Scorteanu with two solid rights. Scorteanu was backing up again and did nothing on offense. Grimm dazed him again with a combination. A big rebound for Doomsday! R5: Grimm kept the heat on him! He stunned Scorteanu with an old 1-2, and then dug a hook to the ribs. This setup a clean combination and Scorteanu stammered backward into the corner! The referee jumped in to stop the action! A TKO! 0:57

Woohoo! Good, gutsy fight by “Doomsday” Grimm!

Dometrik Grimm (18-2-1, 15 KO) vs Bobbi Kretz (25-8-2, 14 KO)


Kretz is pretty darn good. His one glaring weakness is his chin and with Grimm’s power we are confident.

R1: Grimm tried to pressure, but could not do so effectively. Kretz gained the edge with a solid combo to the body in otherwise awkward action. R2: Kretz slashed Grimm with a nasty hook, opening a bad cut over Grimm’s left eye! This caused a major problem for Grimm as Kretz hammered him with a hard cross and hook. Grimm battled back with combinations, but the left eye looked worse with new swelling and the fight was stopped! TKO on cuts… 2:27

How unfortunate… This is a very disappointing defeat for Grimm who had seemed to be back in stride for the past few fights. His national record is now 7-2-1 and his chances for a shot at the USBA title are slipping. And having lost twice to the current California Champ, he could get locked out of title contention in the near term.

Dometrik Grimm (18-3-1, 15 KO) vs James Lahner (22-13, 14 KO)


Lahner is a big dude and he is developing some skill too. Could be interesting… Grimm has never lost in his hometown though.

R1: They wasted no time and both big men pounded heavy shots on the inside. Lahner showed us a good uppercut, twice… Grimm answered with a solid hook and combination. Good stuff! R2: Grimm started to impose himself on the inside and Lahner slowed down. Grimm just outworked him. R3: Lahner switched to the outside and scored often with his jab. This seemed to throw Grimm’s timing off a tad. R4: Grimm ate a clean cross and was staggered! But he came right back at Lahner in a heated exchange! Wow! Lahner nailed him with a clean jab. Grimm jabbed and moved. When he reset, he laid into Lahner with a combination and that was it! Lahner laid on his back and watched the count expire. KO, 1:53

That’s more like it! Three more national level fights to go.

Dometrik Grimm (19-3-1, 16 KO) vs Ben Bragdon (12-1, 7 KO)

Reno, NV

Bragdon is a strong prospect. He is above average in nearly every aspect and now he’s looking to make a big splash by beating a more experienced fighter.

R1: Grimm looked sharp, popping Bragdon with a nice combination. Then he controlled the action with his jab. In the final seconds of the round, Grimm hammered him with a clean combination knocking Bragdon off his feet! Bragdon could not shake it off! KO! 2:57

Holy cow! Quite a surprise… Bragdon had the best overall ratings of anyone Grimm has faced thus far.

Dometrik Grimm (20-3-1, 17 KO) vs Michael Anderson (12-11, 6 KO)

Atlantic City

Anderson is typical national level opponent, but he is experienced and versatile. He’s been tested against some tough competition.

R1: Grimm dominated. He seemed to land his right hand at-will. Very impressive… Anderson’s left eye was puffy and cut by the end of the round. R2: Anderson was dazed by a hook in the opening seconds. Anderson rallied briefly, but Grimm backed him down with more hard rights. Another strong round for Grimm. R3: Anderson adjusted his tactics and the action slowed. Close round, with a slight edge to Grimm. R4: Grimm turned up the pressure. He put some punches together and stunned Anderson! Anderson successfully minimized the damage and survived. R5: Grimm maintained control… Hooks and a good combo… Anderson engaged him with a heavy exchange just before the bell. Grimm seemed to be methodically breaking Anderson down. R6: It was all Grimm! A whitewash round… He continued to punish Anderson with long straight rights. Anderson couldn’t get his punches off. R7: More of the same… Grimm easily picked him apart. The referee finally stopped the fight at 2:18.

To Anderson’s credit, he never went down and this is the first time Grimm has gone past 6 rounds.

USBA Title Eliminator

Lance “Mount” Whitaker (27-2-1, 22KO) vs Dometrik Grimm (21-3-1, 18 KO) Los Angeles HBO 10 Rounds

The USBA title has a more prestigious history than I thought. So I guess it is time to make things interesting.

Here’s a big chance to break into the spotlight. Grimm’s last appearance on HBO was a lackluster decision win over Evan Ambert. Whitaker has the edge in size and power. Grimm is the smoother boxer with faster hands and actually has more experience considering his amateur career. The winner will be next in line to face current USBA titleholder, Tye Fields. Frankly, either of these fighters could be favored over Fields, who has faced light opposition throughout his career. R1: Whitaker hammered Grimm with a wicked uppercut. Grimm slowly battled back, but at the 2-minute mark, he connected with a solid hook and a stunning combination! It was all Grimm, late in the round. R2: For the most part, Grimm seemed to control the action. Whitaker caught him with another solid uppercut and was clearly the heavier puncher. At the bell, Whitaker drove a hook to the body that put Grimm down! Oh my! But Grimm recovered fairly quickly and returned to his corner. R3: Whitaker scored a heavy straight punch. Grimm answered clean cross that dazed Whitaker! Grimm surged with wicked crosses and uppercuts and had a big round! Nice rebound from the knockdown. Whitaker’s left eye looked puffy. R4: With a great combination, Grimm seemed to be taking charge! This was an action-packed round! Whitaker couldn’t match his speed, but when Whitaker landed punches, they were usually meaningful. They traded hard uppercuts in an extended flurry. R5: Interestingly, Whitaker, the bigger man, was doing his best work in close. Whitaker’s uppercuts again found the mark, then he drilled Grimm with a clean straight punch! Grimm was on the defensive now. A big round for Whitaker… R6: Again Whitaker with the uppercut… Then Grimm pounded him with a flashy combination! Whitaker was staggered! Grimm was all over him with a great finishing effort, but Whitaker kept his feet! Later, Whitaker stood and traded punch-for-punch in electrified action! A cross tore a gash over Grimm’s right eye! Uh oh… R7: Whitaker targeted the new cut successfully. Grimm’s eye was looking bad. The ringside doctor took a look and allowed the action to continue. Grimm was more active, but Whitaker landed the better shots. Close round. R8: Grimm opened the round with a vicious combination! Whitaker seemed to be running out of gas. Grimm flurried late to ensure this round was his. R9: Slow calculated action here. There were two even exchanges. Whitaker gained the edge by going to the body later in the round. R10: Both fighters knew it was on the line in this round. Another hard exchange between them… Grimm cut loose with two excellent combinations driving Whitaker into the ropes! Whitaker answered with a body shot and a hard combination upstairs. They traded grazing shots at the bell!

This was a sensational fight!

Scores: 96-96, 96-95, 96-94… A majority decision for… Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm!

Grimm’s effective age will be increased one year by this battle. Next he will get a shot at the USBA title.

USBA Heavyweight Title Fight

Tye Fields (30-1, 28KO) vs Dometrik Grimm (22-3-1, 18 KO) Kansas City, MO Fox Sports Net

After a five-month layoff, Dometrik is now 24 (effective age 25). Fields boasts an impressive record against questionable competition, but is now being trained by Manny Stewart. Fields is a giant, with a 35-pound weight advantage over Grimm.

R1: Grimm caught him with a clean combination in the first 40 seconds! Fields was rocked, but kept his feet under him. Grimm totally dominated this round. Fields had never dealt with this kind of hand speed. R2: Fields pounded Grimm with a jab early. Grimm backed off in this round and the action was slow and cautious. A close round… R3: Grimm was back in his groove. He nailed Fields repeatedly with solid lead rights. Fields showed signs of the punishment. His left ear began to swell and he had nick over his right eye. R4: Grimm continued to control the first half of this round, but Fields finally gave him a taste of his power. A clean straight left staggered Grimm! Fields drilled him with a cross and pursued with jabs as Grimm moved in circles. The momentum has clearly shifted R5: Grimm tried to crowd the bigger man and he did score light shots to the body, but Fields stunned him with a big cross! Late in the round, Fields caught Grimm reaching a couple of times too. Fields was actually showing some tactical progress. R6-R8: Grimm moved back outside and established his quicker jab. He held the edge through all three rounds, although no big punches were scored. R9: A cross from Grimm drew a trickle from Fields nose. Fields charged with a lumbering hook and buckled Grimm! Fields chased after him, but couldn’t land anything solid. At the bell, Grimm absorbed another hard hook. R10: Grimm got inside early and drilled Fields with a stunning cross! Grimm was in total control for over a minute, then Fields dazed Grimm with a cross of his own! Whoa… Good action… Grimm was busier and certainly maintained an edge. R11: Grimm really punished Fields midsection with uppercuts and combinations! Fields seemed to be wilting. R12: An awkward start to the round with Fields clinching. Then they clashed heads. Grimm’s left eye began to swell. Grimm stood him up with an uppercut, and then blasted him with a great combination! Fields reeled backwards! Grimm surged with a flurry as Fields massive frame rocked on the ropes! The referee stepped in! It was over!! A TKO! (1:39) Grimm is the new USBA Heavyweight Champion! (Take that Bob Mundy!)

Unofficially, I had Grimm ahead 7 rounds to 3 with 1 even.

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (23-3-1, 19 KO) vs “Crazy” Charlie Harling (33-14, 20 KO)

St Louis

Harling is flamboyant and awkward in the ring with solid power, but little regard for defense. He has a history of problems with swelling and cuts.

R1: I don’t know what Harling said to Grimm during the instructions, but Grimm was ticked. He came out and beat Harling all around the ring! Harling did nail him with one clean punch though. R2-3: Harling switched his tactics every round. Grimm pounded him easily with crosses and Harling’s left eye began to puff up. But Harling seemed happy to trade leather and he caught Grimm several times to keep the action close. R4: Grimm in total control consistently beat Harling to the punch with crosses on the inside. R5: They pounded each other, back-n-forth... Grimm landed hooks to the body, Harling headhunting… Every punch was meaningful! Another close round… R6: Harling absorbed more punishment early, but at the 1:20 mark nailed Grimm with a clean cross! Grimm was wobbled! Harling flurried, but Grimm recovered and took control of the action in the final minute. R7: Another close brawling round… Both men showed signs of wear and tear. Grimm was bleeding from the nose, and Harling’s left eye was ugly and swollen, both eyes were affected by cuts. Grimm’s consistent right hand leads gave him the edge. R8-10: From this point on, Grimm was in total command of the fight. Several times it looked as if the fight would be stopped, but Harling hung in there, while absorbing an incredible beating.

This was a tough fight. Harling absorbed 11 TKO points and 6 cut points, but kept going.

Unanimous Decision for Grimm: 8-2, 9-1, 9-1

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (24-3-1, 19 KO) vs Tommy Ahern (18-4, 17 KO)

Oakland ESPN2

This is Grimm’s first hometown appearance since winning the USBA title. Ahern is a dangerous opponent with a short, stocky build. He hits like a ton of bricks, but he lacks reach and experience.

R1: Both men displayed their power. Grimm staggered Ahern with combination, but Ahern connected with a pulverizing uppercut, staggering Grimm! Rough and tumble action from bell to bell. R2: They kept a fast pace. Grimm was in control most of the time, but Ahern dazed him with another uppercut to make it even. R3: Grimm held the edge through the first two minutes, Ahern’s uppercut wobbled Grimm again. Ahern kept getting to him and landed another stunning uppercut! Wow! Good round for Ahern… R4: Grimm worked successfully from outside for a while, but again Ahern got inside and scored brutal uppercuts to the head and body! Grimm answered with a solid combination. Ahern got the better of this round. R5: Ahern’s first uppercut was stifled. Grimm matched him with a hook and began to pressure him with combinations. Grimm’s third combo caught him clean for the knockdown. It wasn’t even close. Ahern was counted out! KO (2:18)

This was an exciting fight! Grimm took some punishment. I’m glad Ahern stayed down.

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (25-3-1, 20 KO) vs Martin “Stone” Wahl (23-8, 13 KO)

Wahl is always in shape, but he needs to be, considering his awkward, aggressive style. Grimm’s training camp was below average, which is cause for concern.

R1: Wahl was busier and Grimm looked lethargic. A combination from Wahl started some swelling around Grimm’s left eye. Grimm scored a good cross at the bell. R2: Wahl drove an uppercut to the body. Grimm finally showed signs of life at the 1-minute mark. He surged with combinations and hooks, but nothing clean. Wahl drilled him with a stunning pair of straight punches late. R3: Apparently behind in the fight, Grimm was urged to get going and he did, landing three combinations and trading evenly in two hard exchanges. Wahl still kept it close. These guys were throwing a lot of leather. R4: Wahl’s straight punches were on-target again and he took the momentum early. Grimm battled back and landed some hooks late, but Wahl had the edge in this round. At this point, Grimm was behind 3 rounds to 1. R5: Grimm switched to the outside and was much more effective. He controlled the final two minutes and seemed to get stronger as the round went on. R6: Dometrik peppered Wahl with hooks to the head. Wahl did not have an answer. And with confidence, Grimm escalated the action late in the round, blasting Wahl with heavy combination! R7: Grimm opened the round with a clean cross that buckled Wahl! At the 1:40 mark, Grimm hammered him with a terrific combo and whistling hook upstairs! Wahl was rocked. Grimm continued throwing hooks until the ref stopped the fight at 2:36!! A good TKO victory!

USBA Heavyweight Title – 12 Rounds

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (26-3-1, 21 KO) vs Jameel “Big Time” McCline (30-3-3, 18 KO) Atlantic City

McCline is a formidable 6’6”, 265 lb tactical fighter. McCline is officially ranked #9 by the UPBC. This is Grimm’s first chance to break into the world rankings.

R1: Grimm got off strong start with a combo and hook They traded evenly near mid-round, then Grimm ate a clean cross and went down! Oh no! McCline stalked and it looked like Dometrik would be all right, but then McCline hammered him with a combination and Grimm collapsed again! He barely got up. McCline seemed to not be in a hurry to finish him. A disastrous opening round. R2: Both men sparred with their jabs. Grimm’s straight right got through and staggered McCline! Yes! But McCline held him off with his long jab. Grimm’s left eye looked puffy. McCline landed another heavy cross, stunning Grimm at the bell. R3: Grimm seemed to be more comfortable from outside. He stunned the bigger man on two occasions, with a combination early and a hook to the head late in the round. A very good round for Dometrik! R4: McCline shifted gears and began to impose himself on the smaller Grimm. McCline was headhunting with that big right cross. One of them landed clean and wobbled Grimm again! Grimm looked shaky, but he rallied in the final minute, stunning Jameel with a solid combo. R5: Grimm adjusted to the advancing McCline and landed punches from various angles while keeping his distance. Impressive boxing by Grimm... At the 2:20 mark they had a spectacular exchange with McCline taking a hook to the head while landing a big combination of his own. R6: Both men picked their spots and landed glancing blows through the first two minutes. Suddenly McCline drilled Grimm with a clean straight punch! Grimm went down for the third and final time! KO (2:33)

This is the second time that Grimm has been knocked out in his career. Unfortunately, Grimm was permanently shaken by this knockout loss. His CON and CHN are both reduced by 1 from this point forward. This is also the second time that Grimm has lost a title on his first defense.

3-1 Continental Record, Aged 25+2

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (26-4-1, 21 KO) vs Barry Linich (14-18, 10 KO)

San Diego

I rolled two opponents and chose to face the lesser of the two first. As indicated by his record, Linich is a relatively soft opponent for this level. Linich has respectable power, but he often runs out of gas after a few rounds.

R1: Grimm got to him with hooks early. Linich returned fire with a good combination. Grimm nailed him with rights in the final minute to wrap up a strong opening round. R2: They went back and forth, but no telling punches connected in the first two minutes. Then Grimm landed a crushing straight right. Linich dropped like a stone. KO 2:10

Well now, that was a good rebound from the loss to McCline.

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (27-4-1, 22 KO) vs Lee Gibbons (19-1, 11 KO)

Tulsa, OK

Gibbons is a slick, tactical fighter with tremendous defensive ability. His chin is average for this level. We are counting on Grimm to get past Gibbons defense and take him out. Meanwhile, Gibbons is hoping that a win here could propel him into the continental title picture. This is a big test for both fighters.

R1: Grimm tried to pressure, unsuccessfully. Gibbons picked him apart and controlled the distance. Yikes… Not a good start! R2: Dometrik continued to come forward. Gibbons tied him up whenever Grimm got too close. Awkward action… R3: Gibbons displayed flawless defense in the first minute. Grimm kept his composure and started working his jab effectively. A close round, but Grimm had the edge. R4: Grimm grew more confident through the middle of this round and landed more punches. But Gibbons dodged and hammered Grimm with a clean counter-cross! Grimm fell, but popped back up quickly! He was clearly shaken and Gibbons flurried for the final 40 seconds as Grimm rolled on the ropes and managed to survive! R5: Surprisingly Dometrik came out as the aggressor, but all he hit was air in the first minute. Persistence paid off when Dometrik landed a clean cross that sent Gibbons twisting to the canvas! YES!! Gibbons recovered, but Grimm stunned him with a flurry moments later. Gibbons reduced the effectiveness of Grimm’s offense and easily made it to the bell. R6: Grimm scored a solid combination early, but Gibbons evaded most of Grimm’s offerings. A much slower round… Gibbons didn’t provide a whole lot of offense and allowed Grimm to press the action. R7: Dometrik was beginning to look gassed. Gibbons pounded Grimm with a couple of timely hooks. The second one was a clean shot that put Grimm down for the second time! Dometrik regained his feet slowly this time and covered up while Gibbons fired away! Gibbons flurried dwindled and he decided to cruise to the bell. R8: There was one exciting exchange on the inside, but Gibbons held the edge with his jab. R9: Grimm was clearly fading now. Gibbons effectively punished him with solid hooks and uppercuts. A strong round for Gibbons… R10: Again Gibbons relied on his jab and defense. Grimm tried to go for the KO and did land one good combination. In the final moments it was Gibbons landing all the significant punches.

The scoring was close but unanimous: 7-6, 8-5, 7-6 for Lee Gibbons!

That’s the first time I had seen Grimm run out of steam. He was very close to being TKO’d in the final round, if not for that combo. Dometrik still has a chance to break into the world rankings. If he wins his next fight, he can face the #10 world ranked contender.

[Continental record 3-2, Age 25+2]

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (27-5-1, 22 KO) vs Harvey Green (17-9, 6 KO)

San Francisco

Dometrik seemed down in camp, hopefully that won’t carry-over in this performance. He is better than Green in every regard except one; Green has not had problems with cuts like Grimm has.

R1: Green looked tentative and only looked for countering opportunities. Grimm wasn’t landing cleanly, but at least he was scoring. At the 2:40 mark, Grimm rocked him with a crushing left uppercut! There we go! Grimm seized the moment and floored him with a big combination! Green was counted out at 2:56.

Grimm collects his 23rd knockout and prepares to face world-ranked Corrie Sanders (UPBC #10).

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (28-5-1, 23 KO) vs Corrie Sanders (39-2, 29 KO)

Pretoria, South Africa

This is Grimm’s first international fight. Sanders entered the world rankings with a shocking TKO over Wladimir Klitschko. Sanders has respectable power, but on the downside he is 38 years old and he has a questionable chin.

R1: Sanders scored a hard cross in the first minute. Grimm replied with a wicked cross of his own, which slowed Sanders down for the rest of the round. Grimm was more aggressive, outworked the hometown favorite, and set a tone for the fight. R2: Very similar action in this round. Again they traded solid crosses. Sanders seemed to be looking for the one big punch, while Grimm stayed busier. Looking good, but you can’t trust the judges. R3: There was a brief exchange as Sanders worked his way inside. Then suddenly Grimm exploded a hard right in Sanders face and sent him sprawling! Wow! Sanders was too slow to recover. A huge knockout victory for Doomsday Grimm! (0:23)

[Aging 26+2]

UPBC heavyweight rankings:

Vitali Klitschko Chris Byrd (NABF) Wladimir Klitschko James Toney David Tua Hasim Rahman Fres Oquendo Joe Mesi Lee Gibbons (f) John Ruiz Jameel McCline (USBA) Dometrik Grimm (f)

Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (29-5-1, 24 KO) vs Lamon Brewster (30-3, 27 KO)

Oakland, CA

Grimm returns home after a huge knockout of Corrie Sanders in South Africa. Brewster is making his second bid to break into the world rankings. He has built an impressive record against soft competition.

R1: Brewster caught Grimm by surprise with a clean hook in the opening moments of the fight! It would be his only highlight. Grimm turned the table at the 2-minute mark and stunned Brewster with a combo and a nice uppercut to gain the edge in a close, action-packed round! R2: Grimm in control… He simply out-gunned Brewster with superior speed. Brewster surged briefly with a pair of combos, but that was about it. Brewster was treated for a minor cut above the right eye between rounds. R3: Grimm ducked a hook and dazed Brewster with a combination! Brewster went into a defensive shell and Grimm worked him over solid shots. Brewster was being punished severely in this round and suffered three cut results! One of the cuts was a deep gash over the right eye, but I let it go to the end of the round before stopping the fight.

Grimm wins by TKO on cuts.

This was kinda freaky. Brewster’s cut rating is better than Grimm’s , but he was unlucky on the results. I figured Grimm would likely TKO him, but not this way.

Next: Rematch with Jameel McCline for the USBA title.

Jameel “Big Time” McCline (33-3-3, 19 KO) vs Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm (30-5-1, 25 KO)
USBA Heavyweight Title

Cincinnati, OH

Eighteen months have passed since McCline took this title from Grimm. In their first fight, McCline floored Grimm twice in the first round and went on to knock him out in the sixth round. But during the course of those six rounds, Grimm showed that he could hurt this giant, stunning McCline with several shots.

R1: Grimm opened with a quick cross from the outside. A second right popped McCline and halted him in his tracks! Jameel felt that one! Grimm went after him with a combo, but McCline partially blocked it. Another clean right hand drove McCline back! Wow! Grimm was letting him have it! McCline covered on the ropes, until Grimm scored a sharp combination that sent Big Time to the floor! It was over! A first round demolition! KO 2:23

Grimm has regained the USBA Title. Now that McCline and Grimm have split these two fights, there will be a third and final match.

Grimm-McCline III – USBA Heavyweight Title

Dometrik Grimm (31-5-1, 26 KO) vs Jameel McCline (33-4-3, 19 KO) San Antonio, TX

Both men have won by knockout in the first two fights, now we are seeking the truth. Grimm seems to have the overall edge in talent, with both speed and power, but appears to have the weaker chin. Defensively they are both average, but McCline is more tactical, looking to exploit his size advantage.

R1: Grimm couldn’t resist, he went after another quick blowout against this dangerous big man. He hammered McCline with a great combination. McCline absorbed it and answered with a heavy uppercut on the inside. Grimm controlled the action in the final minute, landing a hard jab. R2: Grimm continued to throw more punches, landing a pair of solid rights, but now McCline was intent on countering from the outside. A late combo from McCline made it a close round. McCline suffered on odd cut on his scalp. R3-4: The pace slowed dramatically. Grimm used his quickness to gain a slight edge in these rounds. R5: One minute in, McCline drilled him with a cross! Grimm was dazed momentarily and McCline pummeled him with a brutal combination! Grimm survived and rallied in the final minute, but it was a very good round for “Big Time”. R6: Grimm bounced back with a clean right and then took it to Jameel with a wicked combination. McCline quickly got out of trouble and they just sparred through the final minute. R7: A close round, measured round, but McCline started to find Grimm with those long straight punches. Slight edge to McCline R8: The action picked up again. There were several hard exchanges in this round. Good stuff! McCline punished Grimm with a pair of crosses to gain the advantage, but at the bell, Grimm popped him with a big hook. R9-10: These guys were giving it all they had, maintaining a grueling pace and now wearing each other down on the inside. Grimm scored the best punch, a crisp short cross that buckled McCline’s knees momentarily. Grimm had a very narrow edge in these two rounds. Both men were clearly fatigued at this point. R11: Grimm dug into McCline with uppercuts to the body first, then to the head. McCline didn’t have an answer this time. Grimm scored a combination. At the mid-point, McCline finally got to him with a hook, causing a cut over Grimm’s left eye. It was in a bad spot. For the next 40 seconds they traded evenly. Then Grimm surged with a combination and laid McCline out! Exhausted, McCline failed to beat the count! (KO, 2:28)

Dometrik Grimm retains the USBA Heavyweight Title!

[Age update: 27+2]

Dometrik Grimm (32-5-1, 27 KO) vs Peter Tappert (17-18-1, 12 KO)

Denver, CO

Tappert is not very good for a continental level fighter, a slightly above average pro. That’s OK. It is time for a soft opponent.

R1: Grimm quickly scored a hook and then a combination. Then Grimm laid into him with a flurry and Tappert fell. And stayed down… KO, 0:43…

Not much of a fight.

Next: Aging veteran Ross “The Boss” Purrity makes what is likely his last bid for a UPBC ranking against Grimm in a non-title bout.

Dometrik Grimm (33-5-1, 28 KO) vs Ross “The Boss” Purrity (31-17-3)

Tulsa, OK

This is a risky fight for Grimm, for a couple of reasons. Purrity, a native Sooner, has fought in Tulsa several times and would be the favorite on the scorecards, but more importantly, Purrity has stood up to some tough competition and has gone the distance with most of today’s top fighters.

R1-2: The fight started off slow. Purrity studied Grimm from a distance. Neither man landed a telling punch. R3: Purrity started to challenge Grimm a bit, throwing more and landing one really stiff jab. Grimm landed a sizzling straight punch. An even round. R4: Purrity repeatedly stuck Grimm with straight rights. Grimm couldn’t seem to get his punches off and Purrity dictated the action. R5: Purrity gained momentum with an uppercut and combination near mid-round. Grimm returned fire but couldn’t land anything solid. R6: The pace downshifted again. Purrity wisely paced himself and landed a few punches early. Grimm’s punches were off-the-mark. Good defense by Purrity. R7: Grimm switched to the outside and tried to land hooks. Purrity adjusted and caught him with a counter-cross and a punishing jab. The fight seemed to be slipping away from Grimm. R8: Grimm finally began to pressure the older fighter. He scored a good combination and a hook and appeared to be taking charge at the right time, but surprisingly, Purrity rallied in the final minute with another crackling counter-right and a good combination! R9: Purrity came inside and hammered Grimm at close range! Swelling around Grimm’s right eye was becoming a problem. Grimm tried to rally with combinations late, but it wasn’t enough. Dang… Purrity is on the verge of an upset. R10: Needing a knockout, Grimm was urged to go for it. Purrity stuck him with another straight punch, but Grimm finally caught him with a lethal combination!!! Purrity fell! (and rolled a 1 on his WIL check!!) The ref counted him out!! Grimm is saved by a dramatic knockout in the final round! Wow!!! (KO, 0:35)

Man… That was too close for comfort! It was uncanny how the dice repeatedly came up in favor of Purrity for 9 rounds, but then… POW! Grimm is on a roll with 7 straight knockouts over the likes of McCline (twice), Brewster, Sanders, and now Purrity. This particular performance will not help his standing in the world order, but he is poised to move up in the rankings. Next possible opponents: Hasim Rahman, Fres Oquendo, Joe Mesi

Dometrik Grimm (34-5-1, 29 KO) vs Hasim Rahman (36-5-1, 29 KO)

USBA Heavyweight Title – 12 Rounds MSG, New York City

This is Grimm’s biggest payday thus far. He and Rahman met as the #2 fight on a World Middleweight Championship PPV (Hopkins-De La Hoya perhaps…). These are two hard punchers with nearly identical records. The difference is in the perception that Rahman peaked with his shocking KO of Lennox Lewis, while Grimm is still on his way up. Rahman has struggled against Ruiz, a declining Holyfield, and David Tua since holding the world title.

R1-2: The fight opened in gritty fashion as both fighters waged war on the inside. Neither man landed any big punches. Neither fighter had a clear advantage. R3: Rahman scored a heavy combo early, stunning Grimm, but late in the round, Grimm answered with a clean combination of his own. Grimm was clearly the busier fighter and had gained the edge. R4: They still battled on the inside. Rahman landed a nice counter-uppercut. In the final 40 seconds, Grimm rallied with a combo and hook to even things up. R5-6: Both men landed hard shots to the body and they continued to wear each other down. This was a dirty, grueling fight with several foul warnings in these first few rounds. With accurate combinations, Grimm may have had paper-thin edge in these rounds. R7: Rahman tried fighting from the outside, these seemed to inspire Grimm who clearly won the round with speed. There was good action down the stretch with three even exchanges. R8: They clashed heads for the second time, adding to the ugliness of this bout. Rahman was effective with uppercuts to gain the edge here, but nearly all of these rounds have been very close. It was hard to guess how the judges were seeing this… R9: Another sporadic round that featured the referee as much as the fighters. Grimm had a slight edge until Rahman caught him with a clean counter-cross! Dang it… Grimm was dazed, but covered and blocked against the combination that followed. R10: Grimm came back strong, stunning Rahman with three unanswered combinations! Nice… Rahman clinched several times and started reply in the final minute. A clear round for Grimm… R11: Rahman went back to the inside and landed the best punch of this round, a solid uppercut, to earn a slight margin. Grimm looked flat. R12: Grimm tried to rally in pressure mode, but seemed to be too gassed to be effective. Rahman dazed him with a big cross and landed another good one later. A clear round for Rahman…

Well, I didn’t know what to expect at this point. It was close all the way through… This was an ugly fight. There were four headbutts, one causing significant swelling around Rahman’s left eye, and 9 foul checks. Both men accumulated 5 TKO points.

The scores: 7-6 Rahman, 8-6 Grimm, and 9-4 for Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm!! A split decision!

Dometrik Grimm (35-5-1, 29 KO) vs. Albert Gatanga (15-18, 10 KO)

Oakland, Ca 10 Rounds Gatanga is a plodding, one-dimensional fighter from Africa. Grimm used his jab effectively and was off to a good start. In Round 2, Grimm got caught with a big straight punch and a nice hook! Grimm answered with a solid combination and they traded down the stretch. That was Gatanga’s one shining moment. From the 3rd round round, Grimm totally dominated the action. He outscored his challenger 60-5 over the course of 6 rounds and knocked Gatanga down in the 7th. Gatanga fell to a big straight punch in the 10th and stayed down. Grimm has his 30th KO! It was rather amazing that Gatanga hung around that long. KO10 (0:30) [Age update: 28+2]

Other top-rank action:

Chris Byrd def. Fres Oquendo: SD10 A bitter decision, just like the real thing. Oquendo outscored him 56-41 in punch points, but Byrd was the favorite and did enough to squeak by. Byrd will face Vitaly Klitschko for the world title.

Wladimir Klitschko def. Lee Gibbons: KO5 Gibbons suffered a deep cut in the first round and it was all down hill from there.

Dometrik Grimm (36-5-1, 30 KO) vs. Heinz Bruner (28-6, 10 KO)

Stuttgart, Germany 10 Rounds This was a good chance to get Grimm some more European experience, considering the Klitschko’s looming at the top of the division these days. Grimm started fast and just peppered Bruner with combinations through the first round. Bruner started to get into the fight in the second round, but had trouble coping with Grimm’s quickness. There was a nasty accidental head butt in the 3rd frame and this seemed to affect Grimm. Bruner seized the momentum and held a slight edge through the 4th and 5th rounds in gritty, brawling action. By the 6th, Bruner seemed to be in total control, landing several hard straight punches and causing swelling around Grimm’s left eye! However, in the 7th, Grimm came out strong and hurt Bruner with a debilitating body shot! Bruner answered with a heavy combination, but Grimm shrugged it off and returned fire with a sizzling combo of his own. Bruner was in trouble and Grimm finished him with a clean straight punch for an exciting finish! KO7 (1:34) Interesting bout…

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship Vitali Klitschko vs Chris Byrd Byrd seemed confident due to his previous victory over Vitali. On the other hand, Klitschko was convinced that he would knock Byrd out this time around. The fight was very close with neither man holding a clear advantage for more than a round at a time. Byrd completely frustrated Klitschko in the 5th and 9th rounds. Klitschko surged in the 6th and 7th rounds and floored Byrd for a 3-count in the 7th. Byrd survived and by the 9th round seemed to have taken control of the fight. But in the 10th, Klitschko stunned him with a hook and dropped him with a clean right! It was over! KO 10 (1:11)

3 James Toney (68-4-2, 43 KO) vs #6 Dometrik Grimm (37-5-1, 31 KO)

USBA Heavyweight Title – 12 Rounds Las Vegas – HBO Grimm put his title on the line for chance to move into the world title picture. Toney has been testing himself at heavyweight and is now seeking to claim a belt. He believes his experience and toughness will be the deciding factor in this fight. But Grimm has a significant size and power advantage over the 5’11, 220 lb Toney.

R1: Grimm was aggressive and Toney handled it well and made Grimm pay! Toney straightened Grimm up with a vicious uppercut and also scored heavily to the body! R2: Early in the round, Grimm stunned Toney with quick combo and followed with a clean hook to the head! Toney was hurt! Toney was able to answer with a couple of body shots and slow Grimm down. R3: A pulverizing straight punch by Grimm floored Toney! Wow!!! Toney barely beat the count, but he covered up well enough to minimize the damage as Grimm flurried. Grimm suddenly backed off and Toney battled back to make this a close round. Nice recovery… R4: More effective uppercuts and crosses from Toney. Grimm landed a terrific hook near mid-round, then they exchanged hard crosses. Very close round.. R5: Toney continued to work well on the inside, but then Grimm staggered him with a beautiful straight right! Toney fended him off with the jab. Late in the round, Grimm scored a pair of grazing combinations. R6: Toney stuck with his game plan, but Grimm was in control of the fight. From the outside, Grimm continued to pick Toney off with combinations. Grimm was too strong for Toney to stay inside for long. R7-11: For the next several rounds, both men paced themselves against the march of fatigue. Toney changed his approach and fought from the outside. The action was slower and methodical and each round could have gone either way on the scorecards. Going into the final round, the question was whether Grimm’s early lead would stand up. R12: Grimm showed some spark in the first minute, outworking Toney with combinations. As Grimm slowed down, Toney rallied landing a hard cross and punishing jab. This round was also too close to call.

The scorecards: 9-6 Grimm, 9-6 Toney, and… 9-6 for the winner and STILL USBA Heavyweight Champ, Dometrik “Doooooooomsdaaaaaay” Grimm!!

[Age 29+2]

Other world ranked action: David Tua def. Joe Mesi: TKO 1, 2:46 Tua has solidified his shot at Klitschko and the world title.

3 Dometrik Grimm (38-5-1, 31 KO) vs Charles Shufford (20-5, 9 KO)

10 Rounds – Non-title fight

This is a tune-up fight, while awaiting a chance at either Tua or Vitali Klitschko. Grimm totally dominated from the opening bell. Shufford was stammering around the ring, on the verge of a stoppage, but in the first round an unfortunate clash of heads caused severe swelling around Grimm’s left eye. Grimm continued to pound Shufford with clean straight punches in the first minute of Round 2. Again it looked like it would be stopped, but Grimm let up and cruised for the last minute of the round. In the 3rd, another headbutt caused further damage to Grimm’s swollen left eye and the fight was stopped. This will go down as a disappointing technical draw.

Five months later, we find Grimm seated at ringside at Madison Square Garden to get a first hand look at who his next opponent may be. He is now 30 years old (effective age 32).

World Heavyweight Championship Vitali Klitschko vs David Tua Tua’s strategy was to storm Klitschko early and he did so, successfully! Klitschko was not able to slow him down as Lennox Lewis did a few years ago. A big Tuaman hook put the champion on his knees for a four-count. A dominating opening round! Tua kept the pressure on in Round 2, but Klitschko found his legs and began to answer back with powerful shots. Klitschko twice stunned Tua in the 3rd and turned the fight around and controlled the action through the 4th. Rounds 5 and 6 were nearly even, and then Klitschko landed more punishing power shots in the 7th and 8th. Klitschko was firmly in control until Tua staggered him with a combination at the 1:03 mark of Round 9! Klitschko was in deep trouble! Tua ruthlessly pursued and staggered him again with a hook and dropped him with a flurry at the end of the round! Wow! Klitschko was spent and Tua forced the stoppage at 1:27 of the 10th round!

David Tua is the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Tua was just too tough for Klitschko. He could handle Klitschko’s power, but Klitschko couldn’t handle Tua’s .

In other news: Lee Gibbons def. Fres Oquendo: UD10 (96-92, 94-93, 95-92) Gibbons is on the comeback trail after dropping out of the top ten last year. Oquendo was hoping to solidify his ranking, but instead the gamble backfired. Although Oquendo out-hustled Gibbons through long stretches of the fight, Gibbons dropped him in the 2nd and the 9th to gain the advantage on the cards. With victories over Grimm and now Oquendo, Gibbons is looking for a title shot, or a match with Chris Byrd.

Updated Top Five

Champ – David Tua Chris Byrd Lee Gibbons (f) Vitali Klitschko Fres Oquendo Dometrik Grimm (f)

5 Dometrik Grimm (38-5-2, 31 KO) vs Eliecer Castillo (26-3-2, 14 KO)

12 Rounds – USBA & NABF Title Bout San Antonio

This is Grimm’s fourth defense of the USBA belt and he comes into this bout with a 12-fight unbeaten streak. He has already held the title against McCline, Rahman, & Toney. His opponent, Castillo has successfully made the jump from cruiserweight by taking the NABF title from Lawrence Clay-Bey and has defended it against 300-pound, Corey “T-Rex” Sanders. Castillo now wants to break into the world title picture.

R1: Grimm had no respect for this guy whatsoever. He walked him down from the first moment of the fight and rocked him with a big combination. Castillo answered with a solid hook, but Grimm continued to dictate the action and floored Castillo at the 2:40 mark for a 3-count. R2: The one-sided beating continued. Castillo hit the deck again only seconds into this round. Grimm targeted him with straight rights for the remainder of the round. R3: They traded evenly through the first minute, but then Grimm dropped him to one knee with another wicked combination. Surprisingly Castillo lasted through this round. R4: Grimm remained in complete control and began to hammer Castillo at will with hooks. The referee finally halted the bout. TKO (1:28) This was surprisingly easy. Grimm outscored him 56-8! I guess Grimm has to make a choice about which belt he wants to keep. Until recently, these two titles seemed about equal in importance.

In other top rank action:

Clifford Etienne def. Joe Mesi: TKO5 Mesi hurt Etienne several times and was in control of the bout until Etienne staggered him in the 5th. Etienne continued to relentlessly assault Mesi until the referee stepped in. Mesi drops off the UPBC rankings.

Vitali Klitschko def. Jeremy Williams: KO6 (1:03) Williams had a couple of good rounds, but Klitschko knocked him down in the 4th and again in the 6th.

World Heavyweight Championship David Tua vs Chris Byrd Tuaman was off to a good start, tagging Byrd with some solid shots in the first two rounds. But the fight took an unfortunate turn in the 3rd, when Byrd’s grazing jab ripped a gash over Tua’s right eye! This allowed Byrd to gain the upper hand and he boxed effectively through the 10th round and seemed to have a narrow advantage in scoring. In the 12th, Byrd caused more damage to Tua’s eye and the fight was stopped. TKO on cuts! (1:31)

Incredible… This is the first time I’ve seen a Cut Rating of 9 get stopped on cuts. Very tough luck for Tua. The judges were in favor of Tua by narrow split decision through 11 rounds, but instead Chris Byrd is the new world champion!

Lee Gibbons and Dometrik Grimm are next in line for a title shot! Tua remains the #1 contender and is seeking a rematch, but Byrd has beaten him twice and is not obligated to face him again just yet. At #4, Vitali Klitschko is also looking for a shot at Byrd, to avenge his embarrassing loss a few years ago. Oquendo is in the mix too and rightfully feels he was robbed in his match with Byrd. Interesting…

Grimm-Gibbons II – Title Challenge Elimination Match

3 Dometrik Grimm (39-5-2, 32 KO) vs #2 Lee Gibbons (27-2, 16 KO)

Chicago, IL These two last met five years ago. Gibbons boxed his way to a unanimous decision as Grimm wilted in the final rounds. The UPBC mandated that Grimm and Gibbons must fight each other for the right to face Chris Byrd for the world title.

R1: A tremendous start by Grimm as he worked inside and scored heavy uppercuts to the head and body. It was all Grimm! Gibbons suffered a minor cut under his left eye. R2: Gibbons got his counter-punches going, to make it close, but Grimm was still the aggressor and outworked Gibbons in this round. R3: Grimm was still in control through the first two minutes, but Gibbons rallied in the final minute and stunned Grimm with a clean hook just before the bell. An even round… R4-6: For the next three rounds, Gibbons was effective at times, but just didn’t do enough to win rounds, while Grimm stayed busy with combos and uppercuts on the inside. At the end of Round 6, Gibbons scored two terrific counterpunches and seemed to be gaining confidence. R7-8: Gibbons defensive prowess nullified Grimm’s aggression and the tide turned in favor of Gibbons. R9: Gibbons really turned it on, connecting with combinations and hooks. At 1:14, a clean hook hurt Grimm! He also landed a nasty uppercut opening a small cut under Grimm’s left eye. Grimm answered immediately with a great combination and Gibbons went effectively to the body. R10: Grimm came out with renewed aggression, throwing lots of punches! Gibbons was staggered, but deftly tied Grimm up. Gibbons skills allowed him to recover, but it was a strong round for Grimm R11: Grimm’s jab still had some snap to it and was the difference in this round. R12: Grimm opened the final round with a pulverizing straight punch, right down the pipe! Gibbons fell! He rose and still had enough wits about him to make Grimm miss and then tie him up again. They traded jabs and hooks in an exciting final minute!

When the bell sounded, I felt that Grimm had won, but wasn’t completely sure. The judges agreed, awarding Grimm the unanimous decision! (117-111, 118-110, 114-113) Grimm has secured his world title shot. Grimm will vacate both the USBA and NABF titles in order to concentrate on his world title challenge.

Byrd-Grimm Pre Fight Analysis

As you all know, Grimm is a natural heavyweight and has fought in this division his entire career, while Byrd has jumped several weight classes. Byrd has succeeded with an awkward, defensive, southpaw style. Byrd uses a pawing right hand to obscure opponent’s vision and is most effective when counterpunching. Grimm is an offensive force with surprising hand speed. He is at his best when putting punches together in combinations. However, Dometrik’s emphasis on offense can make him vulnerable. This looks like a classic puncher vs boxer, offense vs defense match up.

Tale of the Tape: Age: Byrd 34, Grimm 30 HT: Byrd 6’1”, Grimm 6’4” WT: Byrd 214, Grimm 237 Reach: Bryd 74”, Grimm 78” Experience: Byrd 13 years & 310 Rounds, Grimm 11 years & 224 Rounds

Advantages: Size: Grimm, Power: Grimm, Chin: Byrd, Defense: Byrd, Speed: Grimm

Chris Byrd (39-2, 20 KO) vs Dometrik Grimm (40-5-2, 32 KO)

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship – 15 rounds Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI

R1: A slow opening round… Byrd connected with a cross mid-way through the round, but in the final 40 seconds Grimm scored an uppercut and a combination. R2: They started with two even exchanges as the action picked up. Grimm threw more combos, but Byrd matched him with jabs and crosses. R3: Grimm couldn’t land anything solid. Byrd scored a hard straight punch, ducked under a cross and landed a great counter-uppercut to the body! Good round for Byrd… R4: Byrd posed and backed away in this round. Grimm kept coming forward and throwing leather. Late in the round, his jab started landed and Byrd’s right eye showed signs of swelling. R5: Grimm held the edge until late in the round, another lead left by Byrd seemed to draw Grimm in. He missed with a hook and Byrd hammered him with a counter-hook. Slick…. R6-7: The action came to a standstill as Byrd nullified most of Grimm’s offense and Byrd did very little offensively. The crowd was not happy with the pace. R8: Grimm scored a nice combination, which seemed to spark Byrd. Byrd responded with three lighter combinations in the next two minutes. R9: This was the first good action since the fifth round. Byrd scored a grazing left and Grimm thumped him with a fast combination. Impressive… But Byrd actually outworked Grimm in the final minute. No big punches were landed. R10: There was another hard exchange, just like the previous round, but this time Grimm dictated the action down the stretch with a pair of rights. R11-12: Both fighters had paced themselves and seemed ready to dive into these late rounds. Again they matched each other in terms of solid punches. The judges would have to look for the little things (1-pt punches) to make the difference. R13: Byrd got more aggressive with his straight lefts and connected with a couple of hard shots early. That seemed to set the tone for this round and Byrd was comfortable in the final minute. A small cut appeared under Grimm’s left eye. R14: Eureka! Bam! Grimm met Byrd with a great combination! (This was the first 3-pt punch of the fight!) Byrd was dazed as Grimm followed with a hook and a cross. Byrd moved away, but Grimm was in charge in this round. R15: Grimm continued to pursue Byrd and caught him with a hard jab. Byrd tried to fend him off with jabs and seemed content to just be elusive and go to the scorecards.

Well, it was obviously a lackluster fight overall. Tactically, it was interesting. Byrd built a pretty good lead early, but Grimm should have been credited with four of the final six rounds. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the scorecards: 143-142 Grimm, 146-142 Byrd, and 143-143 EVEN!


Chris Byrd retains the UPBC World Heavyweight Title on a draw!

Chris Byrd (39-2-1, 20 KO) vs Dometrik Grimm (40-5-3, 32 KO)

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship – 15 rounds LasVegas, Nevada

In the press conferences, Grimm vowed to be more aggressive this time. He kept his vow, but did it payoff?

R1: Grimm battered Byrd furiously, starting with an uppercut and two scathing jabs! Wow! As Grimm threw a combo, Byrd tagged him with a counter-hook, but Grimm replied immediately with two vicious hooks! A great opening round for Grimm! R2: Byrd was more elusive in this round and was able to pick his spots to punch. Grimm was persistent and caught him with several shots. In an exciting exchange, Grimm scored a combination and Byrd countered with a better combination! Good action… R3-8: For the next six rounds, Grimm continued to pressure and he continued to score. Byrd went into a defensive shell, perhaps hoping that Grimm would wear himself down. But in the meantime, the champion was giving rounds away. There was no doubt that Grimm was well ahead on the scorecards by the 9th Round. R9: By this point, Byrd was fighting from the outside. Jabs and more jabs… Grimm was able to score uppercuts to the body to even up the round. R10: Another good action round… Byrd regained the momentum, but Grimm wasn’t fading like he expected. Byrd continued to land jabs and a nice straight right. But when Grimm got close enough, he continued to throw combinations. There was an even flurry at 2:40… R11: In a great show of willpower, Grimm turned it up a notch. He returned to the pressuring style of the earlier rounds and kept Byrd on his heels (even though he couldn’t land a solid shot). Clearly another round in Grimm’s favor… R12-15: The final rounds resembled the action in their first fight, as both fighters paced themselves. It was a low-scoring chess match now. The action was close with no clear winner in these rounds. There’s no way that Byrd did enough to overcome Grimm’s early dominance.

The judges agreed! 145-142, 146-141, 145-140 for the NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!! Dometrik Dooooooooooomsdaaaaaaaay Grimm!!!!

Dometrik Grimm (41-5-3, 32 KO) vs David Tua (44-4-1, 38 KO)

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship – 15 rounds Indianapolis, IN

Tua briefly held the title after a 10th round TKO of Vitali Klitschko, but lost it in his first defense against Chris Byrd. Tua is one of the few top contenders that Grimm did not face on his way to the title.

R1: Surprisingly Grimm decided to go inside against this powerhouse challenger, but he still dazzled Tua with his speed. Grimm landed several clean hooks and uppercuts. R2: Grimm kept this stunning pace, throwing combinations, but now Tua answered with heavy, bruising hooks! They traded solid punches time and again in a great round! R3-4: Tua matched him in a few exchanges, but for the most part, Grimm was in command. He shot darts to the body and Tua seemed to show some effects. R5: Another action packed brawl erupted as Tua dazed the champion with a big combination and a cross! Whoa! Grimm answered with two clean rights to the head! The fans were on their feet! Grimm rallied with a combination late in the round and may have stolen a good round from the challenger! R6: Grimm was in total control for the first minute. He blasted Tua with a great combination! Tua rocked and backed away for the first time. As Grimm went back downstairs, Tua scored a hook and cross to setup a big combination of his own! Grimm was wobbled at the bell! R7: They did it again in this round! Tua hurt Grimm with a thunderous hook! But Grimm tied him up, delivered a hook to the body and drilled Tua with a crackling cross! Tua was dazed as Grimm dug to the body again! R8: The fight started to grind a bit as the fighters clinched. Grimm was still effective to the body. Both landed hard shots in an even flurry and then Tua caught Grimm with a surprising uppercut! Pow!! Grimm fell to the canvas and tried to shake it off… This looked bad… But he wobbled to his feet at the count of 9!! Tua drove him into the ropes with a finishing combination just before the bell! Holy cow!! R9: Tua scored another big uppercut and a wicked hook too, but Grimm was not going to back down. He stood and traded crosses and combinations. By this point, Grimm was bleeding from the nose and Tua showed a fresh nick under his right eye. Grimm pounded another hook to the body but took a cross just before the bell. Another high-action round… Both warriors were suffering fatigue already. R10: Grimm was slowing down and Tua was able to get more punches off. Tua scored heavily to the body and at 2:08 stunned Grimm with another uppercut inside! A great round for Tua… R11: A much slower round, both fighters were trying to catch their second wind. Clinching… and two foul warnings… Grimm landed a solid cross, the best punch of the round. R12: Grimm came back to life. For the first two minutes, he gave Tua a bit of everything – hook – combo – jab – cross… Tua was losing steam. Did Grimm’s persistent body shots add up? R13: Grimm methodically pumped his jab to set up a solid hook, more jabs and then a strong combination! Tua did not answer and the referee stopped the bout!! TKO (1:42)

Tua took Grimm to the limit in this one. What a fight! This will advance Grimm’s effective age another year, but this was a glorious title defense for his championship legacy. Grimm only has three more fights left in his prime.

In other top rank action:

Joe Mesi def. Vitali Klitschko: Split Dec 12 This was a very entertaining brawl and a bitter decision. No knockdowns, but both men were in trouble at times. This victory sets Mesi up as a top challenger for Grimm.

Byrd-Oquendo II: Byrd wins via Split Dec 12 Unlike Byrd’s previous win over Oquendo, he deserved this one. This decision was closer than it should have been.

Grimm prepares to defend the title against Joe Mesi.

[Age 31+3]

Dometrik Grimm (42-5-3, 33 KO) vs Joe Mesi (32-2, 26 KO)

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship – 15 rounds Atlantic City, NJ

R1: Grimm worked him over with a volume of punches from a variety of angles. Dominance… Mesi returned to his corner with a swelling left eye. R2: Mesi hurt Grimm with a vicious body shot early, but Grimm rallied with combos and crosses to even things up. R3: This was an ugly, grappling round. Neither man really connected with any telling blows. R4: They battled on the inside, both landing hard uppercuts, but Grimm outworked the challenger with hooks to the body and head. R5: Grimm displayed some solid defense in this round and stung Mesi with well-timed punches. R6: Mesi blasted the champ with a big hook to the head! Grimm staggered but kept his feet as Mesi swung wildly. Grimm regained control and battered Mesi to the body on the inside! Close round… R7: Grimm turned up the heat and tested Mesi’s will. Mesi engaged in a couple of dangerous exchanges! Grimm was relentless and outscored him with effective hooks and combinations. The crowd was on their feet at the end of this round! R8: Grimm tried to put Mesi away with a nasty combination. Mesi was dazed, but staved him off with repeated jabs. R9: Mesi showed that he still had something left. He came after Grimm with effective hooks and combinations! Grimm couldn’t match him. R10: Mesi continued to connect with hooks. Grimm’s nose was bleeding now and he received a couple warnings. Mesi had captured the momentum. R11: They matched each other punch-for-punch until Grimm scored a great combination just before the bell! R12: Mesi seemed hesitant to let his hands go and Grimm picked up steam as the round wore on. In the final minute, Grimm was teeing off, with no reply from Mesi! R13: Mesi exchanged with him briefly, but then Grimm put him on his heels with a pair of effective hooks. At 1:40, Grimm battered him with a combination and the referee stopped the fight!! TKO!

Mesi gave a good performance. One of the judges actually had Mesi ahead, but the fight didn’t seem that close. Another excellent defense for Grimm!

Other top rank results:

Contender Elimination Match

3 Lee Gibbons def. #2 Chris Byrd: Unan. Dec. 12

Both of these guys have proven to be effective against the reigning champ and present a solid case for a title shot. In a shockingly bloody fight, Gibbons earned the decision. A deep cut hampered Byrd starting in the second round. There was a total of 7 cut points against Byrd and 5 against Gibbons! Ugly…

Grimm-Gibbons III “The Truth Will Give Us a Champion” Dometrik Grimm (43-5-3, 34 KO) vs Lee Gibbons (32-2-1, 18 KO) UPBC World Heavyweight Championship – 15 rounds Las Vegas

These men each hold a victory against the other. Gibbons won a unanimous decision in Tulsa as he picked Grimm apart with counter-punches. Five years later, they met again in a title elimination match and Grimm returned the favor and floored Gibbons in the final round to secure a unanimous decision. Gibbons defeated an aging Chris Byrd in a bloody bout for the right to face Grimm, and so they met with the world title on the line.

R1-2: A slow opening round with good defense by both men… But the action heated up in the 2nd as Gibbons surprisingly pressured the champ. Several combinations were exchanged, one of which rocked Gibbons badly! R3: Grimm totally controlled this round and had Gibbons stunned again, this time with a clean right! R4-5: Gibbons got his act together and made Grimm miss wildly on occasion , while landing some good hooks. Gibbons mixed up his punches with a nice uppercut and straight punch to end the 5th R6-8: Grimm went back on the attack, landing many of his trademark three punch combos. Late in the 7th, a great cross caused swelling around Gibbons right eye. Grimm targeted him with quick straight rights through the 8th round and was building a solid lead. R9: A determined Gibbons opened this round with a whistling hook to the head! Grimm was wobbled! But he covered and then tied Gibbons up like a true veteran… Good stuff… Once his head was clear, he rallied in the final minute to make this a close round! R10-11: They paced themselves and traded hooks and crosses. Gibbons sharp counterpunching may have earned him an edge here, but he was probably still trailing on the cards. R12: Grimm outworked Gibbons and probed his defenses from every angle. At 2:10, Grimm nailed him with a combination and sent Gibbons to the canvas! Gibbons hopped back up quickly, and Grimm did not make a serious attempt to finish him. R13: Grimm continued to break him down. Gibbons defense had dulled and Grimm was taking advantage. Another great combination hurt the challenger, but Gibbons kept his feet and returned to his corner, bleeding from the mouth. R14: Gibbons decided to stand his ground and the two exchanged shots at center ring. But near the 2-minute mark, Grimm blasted Gibbons to the deck with a big overhand right! Gibbons was up at the count of 6, but the referee signaled the end! A TKO victory! 2:02

Dometrik Grimm (44-5-3, 35 KO) vs Roy Jones Jr (50-1-0, 38 KO)

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship – 15 rounds Las Vegas

Roy Jones Jr. couldn’t resist one last big challenge to end his career. With an impressive decision victory over John Ruiz, how could he stand back and let Ruiz get a shot at the title? Grimm, also nearing the end of his career, wanted to face the most marketable fighters he could.

R1: Jones surprisingly opened-up with a quick combo, but Grimm blocked it. Jones got through with a flashy right cross, then Grimm showed his quickness and hammered Jones with combination! Jones was hurt! Grimm loaded up for a finishing blow, but couldn’t land it cleanly. Jones survived on defensive skill, but he now knew that he was in with a much different type of heavyweight. R2: Jones seemed stable now and he ducked and countered beautifully. His quick jab, set Grimm up for a combo and hook late in the round. R3: Grimm crowded the smaller man and delivered effective body shots. Jones seemed shaken by one such blow to the ribs. R4: Jones adjusted and outscored the champ with a mix of punches in a cautious round. R5: The action picked up, but Jones defensive ability was making the difference. Toward the end of the round, Grimm landed a wicked combo, but Jones replied with a clean straight punch to the head. Good action. R6: Grimm started to pressure the challenger again. The difference in this round was a stunning combination that rattled Jones briefly at 1:37. Jones recovered quickly and came back with a straight punch and jab late. R7: More well-timed crosses and jabs from Jones… But then Grimm surged with a grazing combo, followed by a solid uppercut! Jones was backing up when Grimm surprised him with another clean uppercut and Jones fell!!! Wow! He jumped up at the count of three and actually looked pretty clear-headed by the 8-count. Jones showed he was OK by landing a pair of hooks as Grimm struggled to make a serious finishing attempt. R8: A good variety of punches were employed by both fighters in close back-n-forth action. The best punch of the round was a solid cross by Grimm. R9: Jones tagged Grimm with more jabs and crosses. Sharp, smart boxing… And toward the end of the round, Jones winged a few hooks too. A good round for Jones. R10: Jones was really starting to sting Grimm with lightning rights to the face. But then Grimm cut loose with a big combination and rocked Jones again! He followed with a good cross and Jones was in retreat. This round was dead even. R11: They traded straight punches in the first minute, but then Jones unleashed some impressive combinations. Grimm couldn’t touch him in the final minute as Jones ducked and dodged. R12: Grimm scored a nice double-hook, but as the round progressed, Jones took control with superior counter-punching. R13: Jones turned it up another notch and caught Grimm with some clean shots! Grimm looked like he was fading. Jones busted his mouth with a pair of combinations. But at the bell, Grimm dazed Jones! R14: They matched jabs and straight punches again at an exciting pace. Jones landed more, but Grimm landed heavier. Too close to call… R15: Grimm charged out with a combination and tried to stay right on top of Jones. Jones stood and they had a vicious exchange. Things seemed out-of-sync for both fighters for the next minute or so. Grimm landed late as Jones juked and moved, and so we will go to the cards.

It was an excellent fight, with several twists and turns. Anticipating the scores, I did not know who won.

Scoring: 143-142 Jones, 143-142 Grimm… and you guessed it…142-142!! A draw!!

Dometrik Grimm retains the world title, but Roy Jones Jr. made a big statement in his final bout! Jones admitted to being affected by Grimm’s power on a couple of occasions, but downplayed the knockdown in the 7th. Grimm was never hurt by Jones, but said he had new respect Jones talent.

Grimm now enters his post-prime career after four tough title defenses (55 rounds!). What a great run he has had!

Dometrik Grimm (44-5-4, 35 KO) vs Fres Oquendo (28-3-0, 16 KO)

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship – 15 rounds Oakland, CA

Grimm finally made a hometown defense of the world title. Oquendo retrenched after a TKO loss to Ruiz and has been stable in the rankings. Grimm has already faced most of the other top contenders, and since this campaign is now considered to be a couple of years into the future, some of those fighters are getting old too.

The weigh-in was disrupted by a tirade from regional fighter Bob Mundy, who twice defeated Grimm early in his career. It was Mundy who took the California title from Grimm in his first defense. Mundy, who is considered post-prime, has been inactive for a couple of years. Apparently he was trying to provoke Grimm into giving him a title shot. Grimm tried to laugh it off, but Mundy holds those two victories over Grimm like dark cloud.

Grimm seemed to fight this bout in anger with near total emphasis on offense. He didn’t even use his normal defensive skills, which are considered average.

R1: They postured from the outside and tested each other with combinations, but Grimm’s jab was the difference. R2: Grimm forced the action and pursued Oquendo around the ring with penetrating rights! Oquendo’s defense allowed him to survive the round, but he still took some punishment. R3: Oquendo ducked under a jab and countered nicely. Grimm hammered him with a cross, starting a nosebleed. Another pulverizing right from Grimm had the challenger reeling! Grimm jabbed on the ropes and then flattened him with a hook! Oquendo rose to a five-count. Grimm advanced, throwing punches right down the pipe, rocking Oquendo! The referee stepped in to halt the onslaught!

This was a surprisingly one-sided beating! I thought Oquendo would stretch Grimm at least into the 8th round.

In other top ranked action:

Jeremy Williams def. Andrew Golota: TKO8 (cuts) Golota was winning this fight, but a suffered a deep cut near the left eye in the 6th. The action had to be stopped in the 8th.

Reza Kuovo (f) def. V. Klitschko : Unanimous Decision Fictitious Romanian fighter dictated most of the action in this fight, but was in desperate trouble in the 5th round. He kept his feet and held on, and then went on to out-point Klitschko with relative ease. Luovo is a dangerous offensive fighter, but his general disregard for defense will catch up with him sooner or later.

[Age 33+4]

Dometrik Grimm (45-5-4, 36 KO) vs Jeremy Williams (42-4-1, 36 KO)

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship – 15 rounds Los Angeles, CA

Despite similar records, Grimm was the heavy favorite. Although there is mounting speculation by the press that Grimm is beginning to show some mileage from the battles he has endured.

R1: Grimm just about ended this one quickly as he blasted Williams with combinations. Williams connected with a hook that stunned Grimm briefly. An exciting opening stanza! R2: For 2 minutes they jabbed from the outside, and then Grimm rocked him with a clean cross! Williams again answered in desperation. R3: Williams clinched and moved to slow the action. It worked to his advantage. R4: Williams gained confidence as his right hand found the mark time and again. Grimm seemed sluggish… His nose bleeding… R5: This round was a test of wills as they exchanged several hooks. Good stuff. Williams was trying to hold the momentum he established in the previous round and Grimm was trying to overcome it. R6: Williams began to back down again. Now it was Grimm targeting the head with sizzling straight punches! A trickle of blood near Williams right eye… R7: This fight was settling into a chess match as both men tried to set up from the outside. Grimm was more comfortable and outworked the challenger. R8: Explosive action in the first minute as Grimm rocked him with a combo and then Williams dazed the champ with a clean hook! They continued to answer each other with single punches in a good round. R9: Grimm seemed to give this round away and let Williams do as he pleased. Williams did take advantage as he should have, perhaps respecting Grimm’s power. R10: Grimm staggered him again with a combination, but again let him off the hook. This time Williams did not answer with a big punch as he had twice before, but he scored a short cross that drew blood from Grimm’s nose again. R11: Williams challenged him with some serious hooks early. Grimm took it and rallied with hard, accurate rights! Grimm totally hammered him in the final minute. Williams face showing the effects with swelling and nasty cut over the right eye… R12: Aside from an occasional jab, Williams didn’t seem to have much left. Grimm jabbed and jabbed and eventually hurt him with a big combination. R13: Williams scored a quick cross, but then it was all Grimm. The fight grinded to a halt as Grimm scored easily and Williams failed to answer. TKO (2:19)

Grimm succeeds in his 6th title defense! Unbelievable… This was a pretty good fight, but honestly, I don’t think Williams would have lasted 8 rounds against Grimm in his prime. I can definitely see a difference.

Introducing Ben Lusambo

Another up-and-coming fictitious fighter, Lusambo is from Zaire. He is powerfully-built, reminiscent of Ibeabuchi and seems to be very tough mentally – due to his street-survivor background. Despite his natural gifts, he has been molded into a good tactical fighter. Watch out for this guy…

Ben Lusambo def. Lee Gibbons: KO 9 They sparred for the first couple of rounds, but in the 3rd round, both men were stunned. After that, Lusambo took charge, hurt him several times and knocked Gibbons down in the 5th. Gibbons came back to life in the 7th and 8th rounds and gave Lusambo some trouble, but Lusambo floored him twice in the 9th and Gibbons stayed down after taking a combination.

Lusambo debuts at #8 in the UPBC world rankings with a records of 25-1, 23 KO. He has been knocked down twice in his pro career. He was once stopped on cuts.

Meanwhile, Grimm’s attempt to lure Roy Jones Jr. out of retirement for a rematch did not succeed. So he went on a long layoff.

Reza Kuovo (f) def. Joe Mesi: TKO 8 (1:47) Kuovo moves into the top five. Probably a fight of the year candidate… Both fighters were staggered several times. Mesi went down five times, but kept landing bombs of his own.

Ben Lusambo (f) def. James Toney: UD10 Toney (now post-prime) gave him a good run. Lusambo knocked him down once (in the 6th) and if it were not for the knockdown this would have been a majority decision. It was a close contest and a tough test for the highly regarded contender.

David Tua def. John Ruiz: KO10 (2:08) Incredibly, Tua hit the canvas in the 7th, but came back to put Ruiz away. Tua may face either Kuovo or Lusambo for a shot at Grimm’s belt.

Reza Kuovo def. David Tua: TKO 8 (1:41) Kuovo totally dominated early, outscoring Tua 29-3! Tua recovered and made a fight out of it in the 4th through 6th rounds, but it did not appear that Tua won a single round. Kuovo had Tua in deep trouble in the 7th and the end seemed inevitable. Kuovo becomes the mandatory challenger to Grimm’s belt.

Dometrik Grimm (46-5-4, 37 KO) vs Reza Kuovo (31-1, 27 KO)

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship – 15 rounds New York City

The Romanian challenger is known for relentless aggression. His swarming tactics have already proved to be too much for Mesi, Klitschko, and Tua, two of whom he KO’d, but many believe that he will flame-out under the lights of a long championship fight.

R1: Just the opposite of what was expected… Kuovo tried to work his way inside with jabs, but Grimm staggered him with a combination! Kuovo reeled as Grimm drove him into the ropes with another big combination! Wow! Grimm winged hooks at his head as the round came to a close. Big round for the champ! R2: Kuovo showed his natural form and just slugged it out with Grimm. This was an action-packed round! Kuovo landed a little bit of everything in the first two minutes. Grimm traded in two hard exchanges and then threw combinations down the stretch. R3-4 They started with a vicious trade. Then Kuovo steadily picked up momentum. By the end of the round it was all Kuovo who seemed to land clean shots at will! Kuovo continued to outwork the champion with ease in the fourth, but Grimm did get a couple of combinations in. R5: Grimm stepped up and fired combinations at the Romanian. And he connected! Kuovo was buckled, but stayed upright. Grimm kept blasting away, but Kuovo weathered the storm. R6: Kuovo went back inside and found success, scoring short jabs and audible hooks to the midsection.. R7-8: Grimm came back with power! Again, Kuovo looked ready to fall after absorbing a combination! Grimm also busted his nose with a cross. Kuovo missed wildly and Grimm made him pay. Early in the 8th, Kuovo threw some good hooks, but Grimm snapped his head back with a pulverizing cross! How was this guy still standing? Grimm punished him with uppercuts to the head and body and was back in control of the fight. R9: They battled evenly through the first two minutes. Then Kuovo rallied with combos of his own forcing Grimm to clinch. Kuovo caught him flat-footed with a straight punch and Grimm fell into the ropes just before the bell! R10: Another big straight punch from Kuovo, but this time Grimm took it and answered. They traded glancing shots for a while and then Grimm rattled him with another combination! Nice turnaround for the Grimm… R11-12: The fighters slowed with advancing fatigue. Both men tried to pick their spots carefully. Nobody wanted to waste effort now. Kuovo got through with another solid straight punch. In the 12th, Grimm relied on his quicker jab to keep Kuovo at bay. R13-14: Kuovo was more effective on the inside. Although the action was close, Grimm couldn’t seem to match his intensity. By this point, both men showed signs of the grueling battle. Kouvo’s right eye was swelling and he had a cut on his scalp. Grimm had a nick over the right eye and swelling under the left eye. R15: The work rate picked up for the final round. This round could make the difference on the scorecards. There were three even exchanges in the first two minutes. Mixed in among them, Kuovo stung Grimm with another straight right and they both scored good jabs. Down the stretch, they both were too tired to land anything cleanly. Looked like Kuovo’s round…

Grimm, the 3-year champion, was the favorite, but was it enough to hold on to the title?

Scoring: 144-140 Kuovo… 143-141 Grimm… and 143-141 for the NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World…. Reeeeeeeza Kuuuuuooooovo!!

So ends the reign of Dometrik “Doomsday” Grimm. Grimm was clearly frustrated, pointing out that he had Kuovo hurt several times, but just couldn’t put him away. Honestly, the fight wasn’t as close as the score indicated. Kuovo didn’t get full credit for his effort in the last five rounds.

Punch Pts: R1: 9-2 Grimm R2: 9-6 Kuovo R3: 12-4 Kuovo R4: 8-2 Kuovo R5: 8-3 Grimm R6: 6-2 Kuovo R7: 8-3 Grimm R8: 11-4 Grimm R9: 16-5 Kuovo R10: 10-6 Grimm R11: 4-3 Kuovo R12: 4-3 Grimm R13: 6-3 Kuovo R14: 5-4 Kuovo R15: 8-5 Kuovo

Grimm is now 35 with an effective age of 40. Had it not been for the accumulated punishment that he took in this fight, Grimm would still have two post-prime fights left. Instead, this fight hastened his career into the decline stage. Still, he is on the fence about retirement, feeling that he should’ve knocked Kuovo out. But he also knows that he has lost a step and has achieved more than he ever expected. He can also reflect on some half dozen classic bouts, six consecutive title defenses, and two excellent trilogies with McCline and Gibbons.

56 fights over 16 years… Wow… I hate to see it end.


Flashback: "144-140…Kuovo 143-141 Grimm… 143-141… for the NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World…""

These words continued to ring in Grimm’s ears for 18 months. A lousy split decision. In his heart he knew that the Romanian deserved to win the fight, but Grimm also knew he could perform better. Still… He could do it. Like Ali… or Foreman… or even Lennox Lewis… He had to take a run at regaining his belt. That would solidify his boxing legacy. Former heavyweight champion, Dometrik Grimm picked up the phone and called the ol’ gym.

Dometrik Grimm 6’4” 245 lbs (was 230 in his prime) 46-6-4, 37 KOs 37 years old (effective age 41) Decline stage

Dometrik Grimm (46-6-3, 37 KO) vs Evan Draper (21-1-1, 15 KO)
10 Rounds
For Grimm's tune-up fight, he took on a pretty serious prospect. Draper is an accurate puncher, known for throwing a great cross with either hand, well-conditioned, with above average power. R1: The two fighters immediately began to exchange on the inside. A short cross drew some blood from Grimm's nose. Grimm shook Draper with a clean body shot and drove him backwards with a combination. They exchanged hard uppercuts along the ropes and at the bell, Draper stunned Grimm with a cross to the jaw! Whoa... A high-action round! 
R2: Forty seconds in, Draper caught Grimm blind with a great uppercut! Grimm dropped to a knee for about 4 seconds! But the ex-champion was poised as he defused Draper's finishing attempt and seemed fully recovered in the final minute of the round. 
 R3: After a cautious first minute, they traded combinations. Grimm got a little careless and Draper staggered him with a 1-2! However, Draper failed to capitalize. 
R4-5: In the middle rounds, Draper seemed to be taking full control of the fight. Draper was simply outworking my fighter. Grimm was absorbing a lot of punishment, particularly in the 5th round, where another clean cross shook him and this time Draper followed up with an effective combination. A dominating round for Draper. 
 R6: Grimm created some distance and fought effectively from the outside. Draper was still intent on staying close, but Grimm punished him with combos and hooks. Draper suffered a cut on the chin early in the round. A great round for Grimm! That's more like it.
 R7: Both men tried to pick their shots from the outside and neither of them landed anything clean. Grimm seemed to have a slight edge with a pair of scoring punches down the stretch. 
 R8: Draper turned up the intensity, while Grimm tried to move away. Draper landed a good cross and hook and clearly seized the momentum. 
R9: Grimm had to know that he was behind on the scorecards and began to let the leather fly again. Draper tried to fend him off with a jab, but Grimm reached him with nice combination. Then a sharp cross opened a deep cut over Draper's left eye! Draper seemed to panic a bit. Both men missed in a flurry of punches, but Draper stopped punching and Grimm did not! A combination rattled the younger fighter! And then another combination dropped him in a neutral corner!!! Yes! Everyone expected Draper to get up. Everyone, except Draper... Bleeding and dazed, he failed to beat the count! (KO, 2:11 of the 9th)

Oh MY!! A dramatic come-from-behind knockout in a comeback fight! (That's the most exciting thing that has happened on my table top in quite a while! You should've seen me thrusting my fist in the air as Draper fell! Goofy...) In the post-fight interview, Grimm admitted that he was too easy to hit and that he could feel the ring rust. He'll probably take another fight, before he seeks to invoke his rematch clause with current world champion, Reza Kuovo.

Dometrik Grimm (47-5-3, 38 KO) vs Rick Fallon (35-11-1, 21 KO)

Fallon is a resurgent veteran who, like Grimm, appears to be in the twilight of his career. Just two years ago, Fallon was widely considered to be a "shot" fighter, when he was knocked out in three consecutive bouts. Since then, he has won 3 out of 4 and many believe he will give the ex-champion a good test. Fallon is experienced and versatile; possesses decent power and is considered a strong finisher. However, his chin is very suspect and he bleeds easily.

R1: Fallon showed that he wanted to get off to a quick, aggressive start, but it didn't work out as Grimm picked him apart, especially with an uppercut to the body. At the 1:40 mark, Fallon was warned for a flagrant foul. Later in the round, Fallon finally reached Grimm with an effective combination, but Grimm did enough to win the round.

R2: Fallon scored a nice hook to the ribs and Grimm answered with two more body blows of his own. They went toe-to-toe with a hard exchange, but as they approached the 2-minute mark, Grimm drilled him with clean hook to the midsection! Fallon collapsed to his knees, but was able to continue. Grimm was patient, but then he pumped his jab a couple of times to set-up a great straight punch that staggered Fallon again! The bell rang as Grimm raked him with a combination on the ropes.

R3: Just seconds into Round 3, Grimm dodged and landed a beautiful counter-cross that wobbled Fallon. They clashed heads and Grimm came away with a considerable cut over his left eye. Great. Fallon tried to seize the momentum with a hook and combination, but Grimm answered with a solid uppercut to the body. Another strong round for Grimm.

R4: Fallon changed his tactics and started moving laterally. Grimm tracked him for 28 seconds and then blasted him with a cross to the jaw! There was no doubt. Fallon had fallen awkwardly on his left side, out cold! (KO 0:38)

That was a terrific knockout punch. Grimm beat this guy like he should have. He won all three rounds and was never in any trouble.

Now let's take a look at the title picture:

Current champion Reza Kuovo already had a deal to face James Toney. That fight was scheduled to take place a month later. If Kuovo prevailed, Grimm would be next. However, another top contender, Ben Lusambo of Zaire (28-1, 25 KO), who holds a unanimous decision victory over Toney, is protesting this title defense. The UPBC ruled that since Kuovo defended against a mandatory challenger last time and since Toney is still considered a legitimate contender, the fight was sanctioned.

Kuovo-Toney: The champion suffered an ugly gash over his right eye at the end of Round 1. Toney took advantage and had the edge in points by the 4th round. Kuovo had more problems with swelling around his left eye and a bleeding mouth too. He looked bad, but was still very competitive. In Round 7, Kuovo floored Toney for a nine-count! But Toney survived it. Kuovo's eye continued to worsen and the fight had to be stopped at 0:51 of Round 12. Kuovo lost his title on cuts!

Now things are really crowded. Lusambo is dying to take the title from Toney, but Kuovo wants his rematch too! Grimm may have to take another fight and watch how this pans out. Meanwhile, Evan Draper (22-2) is looking for a match with either of the former champions, Kuovo or Grimm.

The UPBC granted Ben Lusambo his rematch with James Toney. This decision left both of the former champs, Reza Kuovo and Dometrik Grimm, in limbo. Although there was no title on the line, the best, most lucrative, bout for both of them was to face each other. The winner of this contest would likely be set as the next title challenger.

Grimm-Kuovo II

Round 1: Grimm seemed driven by 2 years of pent up anger. He drilled Kuovo with two solid straight punches! Kuovo was on his heels not expecting the fast start. Then Grimm rocked him with clean uppercut! Kuovo took a seat on the canvas!! Wow! He got up and exchanged grazing shots, but then Grimm started connecting in a finishing flurry! Kuovo was in deep trouble on the ropes as the bell sounded! A total blowout round for Grimm!

Round 2: Kuovo showed his resiliency and greeted Grimm with a big body shot! Grimm tried to assert his will with a combination and then tried the uppercut again, but Kuovo handled it this time. Grimm agreed to meet Kuovo on the inside, where the Romanian was more effective for the balance of the round. Nice recovery after a disastrous start.

Round 3: Both men continued to do their best work at close range, exchanging short hooks and uppercuts, but this time Grimm seemed to have a slight edge.

Round 4: Forty-three seconds into the round, Kuovo scored a great straight punch that wobbled Grimm! Oh no! Kuovo tried to finish but was too wild with his combination. Grimm went into a shell for the rest of the round, while Kuovo stalked him, throwing long straight punches repeatedly, looking for the knockout.

Round 5: Kuovo stayed outside now and pumped his jab. He connected with clean jabs early and late in the round, but in between, Grimm was in charge. Kuovo was stunned by another uppercut at one point. Close round, but Grimm had the edge.

Round 6: Kuovo crowded Grimm again and scored more effective punches to the body. Grimm tried to stay outside and pick his spots with combinations. Too close to call…

Round 7: About half way through the round, Kuovo connected with another clean straight punch that stunned Grimm. From that point on, Kuovo turned up the pressure, scoring numerous hard shots! A combination… Even a double hook… Grimm seemed to be OK, but was he just running out of steam?

Round 8: Kuovo was effective with his jab again, as Grimm tried to pressure him. One jab opened a minor cut over Grimm’s left eye. But about midway through the round, Grimm erupted with a vicious combination! Kuovo was spilled for the second time! And as the count climbed, it was clear that he could not steady himself in time! The ref waived his arms! It’s over! KO 1:48

Grimm has avenged his loss and handed the former champion his second consecutive defeat! Grimm has knocked out all three opponents in his comeback, which is very surprising, considering that his power diminishing as well. His career record is now 49-5-3, 40 KO.

UPBC World Heavyweight Championship

Ben Lusambo (30-1, 27 KO) vs Dometrik Grimm (49-5-3, 40 KO) 15 Rounds

Round 1: Neither man landed anything solid in the first minute, but Grimm looked ready to mix it up. But Grimm felt Lusambo’s power with the first big punch, a hook that staggered Grimm in the blue corner. Lusambo unleashed a furious combination and Grimm went down along the ropes! Whoa… Up at the count of 4… Grimm tied him up briefly before getting driven back to the ropes with another combo! Lusambo confidently probed with jabs in the final 30 seconds.

Round 2: Lusambo continued to dictate the action for two more minutes with jabs and combinations. Finally Grimm scored a great cross that slowed Lusambo down a bit. And when Lusambo responded, Grimm stood and traded in an exciting exchange! That got the crowd on their feet!

Round 3: Grimm surprised the champ with a great lead right! Then the action got a bit sloppy with foul warnings to both fighters and a clash of heads. At 1:36, Grimm buckled Lusambo with a clean cross! Another big right hand followed that tore a cut over the champion’s right eye! Wow!! Grimm stayed on him with a nice combination! Great round for Grimm! He was back in the fight!

Round 4: They traded hooks, but Lusambo got the better of it. Then Lusambo caught Grimm with a nasty uppercut. Lusambo was totally in control by mid-round, scoring a stunning combination. Grimm was covering up and Lusambo kept coming. Another powerful combination had Grimm dazed! And then Lusambo saw an opening and crushed Grimm with a well-timed hook! Grimm crashed to the canvas for the second time. He could not recover… 8… 9… 10!! The winner by knockout, in a time of 2:18 of round 4... Heavyweight Champion of the World… Ben Lusambo!

Grimm didn’t look so good after the fight and admitted that his defensive skills just weren’t sharp enough to handle a powerful puncher like Lusambo. He said he would like to get his 50th win before he retires for good, but now it’s time to rest and recover.

[On the KO recovery chart, I rolled a 3… Ouch… Grimm is “permanently shaken” by this KO loss: -1 CON, -1 CHN. I’m not so sure he’ll be back. It has been a terrific career. The comeback provided some great moments too, particularly the rematch victory over Reza Kuovo. But even in his prime, Grimm would have had a difficult time with a guy like Lusambo.]