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A Brief Introduction to LOB

Legends of Boxing was created in 2003 and released as a free print-and-play PDF. From 2004 to 2011, hundreds of fighters were rated both by the game designer as well as LOB players around the world. The updated ratings were kept in a terrific Excel workbook created by Rocco Del Sesto. Also in 2005, an impressive computer (Windows) version of LOB was created by Bill Salm which won-over hundreds of players over the years. Many still play it today, so that speaks volumes of Bill's work! Finally in 2019, the time came for this game to be remade as a professional commercial product and we endeavor to offer the quality game we thought we'd never see!

After countless simulated fights, Legends of Boxing (LOB) continues to entertain. I still enjoy it as much as any other game. It is designed for solitaire play, allowing you to be the matchmaker and observer of the action. Options for face-to-face play, such as a deck of tactics cards, are also in development.


Click on the links (red lettering) below to begin downloading game files. The content of each download is described below. Fighter ratings are provided as a separate download, in the event that they are revised or expanded.

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Free Downloads

The files below are free supplements for Legends of Boxing. Download and print as desired. Thank you to those who have supported the game thus far!

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