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Built on the foundation of Quick Fixture, this soccer league simulator excels at producing tables (standings and points) and goals for/against. A match can be completed in about 10 minutes, allowing you to play an entire week of fixtures in a single sitting. But it's not just about generating numbers, Dice United produces the chronological story of a match with yellow cards, set pieces, defensive plays, narrow misses, great saves, and more! It also features an optional Interactive Mode, enabling you to make tactical decisions for your squad.

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  • DU scoresheet.pdf This is the same scoresheet included with the core game PDFs, landscape format, with up to 3 matches per sheet.

  • Dice United Soccer Helper 1.0.xlsx by Edward Meek This spreadsheet includes dice rolls (random number functions), so that each time you enter a result in a cell on the spreadsheet and press Enter, all the dice numbers regenerate. Then you are instantly ready for the next result. The scoresheet is a preset print area, so you can print a record of each match before clearing it for the next one.

Below is a look at some of the components:

Components Montage

If you are familiar with the rules, check out our Example of Play